Week in Review – July 5, 2010 –July 11, 2010

I don’t remember Monday.

 Tuesday, on Nova, I learned that the universe is rapidly expanding away, from where to where, I don’t know.  But this explains my need to be going somewhere right now.  I also heard about red shifts and blue shifts (not the loosely hanging dress but light speed wavelengths) and that light travels at 186,000 m/sec. Physicists have not been able to break this speed record first clocked by Einstein.  Nature has, though, and right after the Big Bang.  The hyper-speed is called inflation. The temperature of the universe is universally uniform, a lovely green on the light spectrum. I also learned that light slows down when refracted by water or a prism.  This will come in handy when I wear a bathing suit this summer. There was also a news report that there is a big hole in the universe. “Not only has no one ever found a void this big, but we never even expected to find one this size,” said Lawrence Rudnick of the University of Minnesota reported in a paper accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal.  I somehow think this will involve me someday (or George Bush). (Perhaps it is the effects of progressivism waiting in the wings.)

 Wednesday, during my regular doctor’s appointment I was told that I could go on roller coasters but I must wear a neck brace.  This piece of news was of special interest to me especially since I hadn’t mentioned to my doctor my desire to ride a roller coaster or even the inclination to be near one.  All I told my doctor during my appointment was how fragile I felt since having two surgeries on my neck for a herniated disc (C5-C6 for all of you ER nurses).  I never mentioned to him that last Sunday night I saw a Great America commercial on TV.  At that time I mentioned to my daughter that I would love to go but I felt I couldn’t risk it anymore with my weakened spine. My daughter didn’t care – “roller coasters are for throwing up.”

 Thursday night I saw commercials for the World Cup and still felt no desire to watch the human pinball machine in action.  The guys are cute, though.  If the World Cup was ninety minutes of soccer guys doing underwear commercials (ala the Vanity Fair June 2010 cover), well then, I would become a soccer mom.

 I don’t remember Friday night. I went to work on Friday, got on the train at the end of the work day and arrived home on Saturday morning.

 Last night, sitting in my favorite Mexican restaurant, I was an OR nurse for about fifteen minutes.  No, I didn’t cut into anyone. Rather, a woman pointed me out as being a nurse she knew who worked with her in the OR at Rush-Copely Medical Center.  She said this because she noticed my eyes, the only part of me that would stick out of a surgical gown. Prior to coming over to me, she had her picture taken with an “El Puente” sombrero on her head and a lighted cupcake. Her scruffy boyfriend ducked under the hat with margarita in hand just in time to have his picture taken next to her. After the photo shoot she waved “Hi” in my direction and I waved back in birthday courtesy.  When she walked over to me later I told her that I was good with knives and forks but that I was only a lowly electrical designer who worked in Chicago. I again wished her Happy Birthday but without my imaginary scrubs.  She returned to her Margarita, one of two influences in her life at the moment.

 This morning I head to church. I hope to make sense of all these things or to at least make a clean start for next week.  The Lord is my Shepherd and I need to get back to the fold.

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  1. amsiriano says:

    Enjoyable post. Nice way to start my day!

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