‘Tis A Gift To Be Simple

In recent years I reduced the clutter of my life.  Some of this reduction is due to moving from a four bedroom home to a two bedroom apartment five years ago.  All lot of things went in the garbage when that happened. Since then I have continued to simplify my life even more and I am finding that I am gaining more peace in return.

I have a land phone line but I don’t use it.  I only use the DSL for my laptop.  I have a pay-per-go phone. This is much cheaper and simpler for me.  I don’t text or tweet.  I don’t own a Blackberry or an Ipod. I am tech savvy but I don’t need the bells and whistles.  If I have something to say you’ll be the first to know. (Should a Christian spend his money on phone bills and downloads?)

 I have an old boxy analog TV.  I don’t watch much TV anyway. There’s isn’t much to watch.  (I can’t believe what is shown on TV during the early evening hours when children are watching.) I have a DVD player in case a good movie is found to exist somewhere in the biosphere. (OK, I do like Princess Bride, Gladiator, Gran Torino, The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof…)

 Financially:  I have a debit card and a very small limit credit card.  And cash. I pay my regular bills through an automated bill paying system and use cash for my weekly budget items.

 Emotionally:  I have thrown away sentimentality with most of its baggage.  The past holds nothing for me. Nothing.  I am presently a composite of everything good and bad that has happened in my life.  I don’t need to carry any baggage.  This is absolutely freeing for me (I stay away from people who want to throw me under their bus of anger.  I avoid those routes.).

 Spiritually:  as I have posted a while back, I remind myself of these three simple action items from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount:  When you fast…; when you pray…; when you give… These three activities combined in my daily life bring me closer to God, closer to my neighbor and closer to my true self in a very simple, uncomplicated way.

 One of the characteristics of God is Simplicity.  HE IS.

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