Man’s Rainbow

Same-sex marriage would be a re-symbolizing of the institution of marriage much like the gay community has sought to re-symbolize the significance of the rainbow and make it their own creation ~ the rainbow flag.

The rainbow, created by God to be a prism of His glory, is a promise for all to see. It is God’s overarching protection. It reveals God’s command of the situation and His care for creation. In essence, the rainbow says that God ‘covers’ all of mankind and that He is more than able to help the homosexual and anyone else who comes to Him for help. It is a symbol of the enveloping power and sovereignty of God.

Homosexuality, on the other hand, is not a reflection of God’s glory but rather of man’s own attempt to assuage his deep-seated needs. Homosexuality is a choice affixed to sexual and emotional addiction. It is choice that a person makes which reflects his or her own sexual and emotional neurosis.  Hence the gay community’s rainbow flag of diversity ~ a diversity of psychological and moral issues re-symbolized under man’s own flag. Homosexuality and its flag are purposely poised by the gay community to be in your face and more importantly, to be in God’s face.



Added 8-26-2014: 

The LGBT Movement’s “New Morality” Making Gay Okay

BTW:  Love does have boundaries. If you practice homosexuality you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

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