Father’s Way 2010

Father’s Day weekend, 2010:  Friday night I spent with my son Ryan.  My daughter, Rachel, had to work.  She finally landed a job after many applications and some interviews.  Bless her heart, her determination paid off.  She will work mostly weekends at a nearby restaurant.  This weekend was the first one scheduled for her. 

 My son and I went to a local sports place where we had pizza, cold drinks and watched the White Sox on one big screen TV and the World Cup on another.  There is a different dynamic when it’s just him and me.  He’s more relaxed and funny.  Ryan has some new braces so he cuts up all of his food to chew. He shyly smiles when he tells me something he thinks is funny, just barely showing the steel in his mouth.  While we sat and ate Ryan ‘texted’ his friends. They are electronically social, recounting to each other what each one is doing at that exact moment in time. After dinner we picked up the new Jackie Chan movie and went home to watch it.

 My daughter came home from work and filled us in on her night.  She is learning to remember all of the menu items and their ingredients using homemade note cards.  No one told her to do this but she is industrious – like her father.

 Saturday I woke my daughter up early.  She wanted to see her boyfriend before he left on a family trip.  She returned around 2:00 pm, got ready for work and left at 3:15 pm. My son (a new 5’10” teenager) slept in till noon.  We ate left-over pizza for brunch. Ryan went to a friend’s house.  At 4:30 I picked him up and he and I went to a minor league baseball game.

 The Cougars night game started at 6:00 pm but the gates were open at 4:00 pm.  It was a gorgeous summer evening, no rain and not humid, just pleasant.  Our home team lost but it was just fun being there and watching the game and watching the people.  The third base side seats were just past the third base towards the outfield.  We could see everything.

 During the game, Ryan told me that a vendor was hawking “Sno-Cones”.  Ryan said that they were not “Sno-Cones because they, in fact, came in round plastic cups.  He wanted to make sure I knew this.  He’s just like his dad.

 In between the innings there is always some kind of family fun stuff going on on the field:  a diminutive three year old girl running the bases chasing after Ozzie the Cougars eight foot tall mascot; go-kart races for kids.  After 9 scoreless innings for the home team (Rattlers 8 –Cougars 0), the game ended and the Jesse White Tumblers came out on to the field.  They jumped, leaped, twirled mid-air and cart-wheeled between first and third base to the music of “Strike it Up”. Ryan liked this after-game show.  The kids are his age, doing amazing physical feats.  The dazzling fireworks show afterward filled the night sky with glitter and the smell of burning black gun powder.

 At home Rachel was waiting for us. When we arrived she talked about work and ate a basil chicken panini sandwich she had brought home. Ryan talked about the game. We sat and watched Raymond together and then each of us went off to bed at different times.

 Sunday morning I made French toast for the kids.  Rachel started work at 10:30 am.  I hung around with Ryan and then we went to Hobbytown.  We looked at all of the model cars, the different scales of 1:24 & 1:32.  Ryan picked out a cast metal White Lamborghini.  I bought him a red Lamborghini a few weeks ago so now he has a collection.  We drove home and then Ryan hung out with his friends in the afternoon. 

Sunday night:  Rachel came home from work and Ryan came home from his friend’s house.  I bought some Rib-eye steaks and French Fries and I made Steak Au Poivre Frites for supper. While cooking I played a CD of Dean Martin hits and remembered my dad watching Dino on TV many years ago.  When “That’s Amore” came on I began singing; when “Mambo Italiano” played I started dancing.  What can I say? Like father, like …

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