The Taste of Chicago

With a friend of mine from work, I walked over to the Taste of Chicago today.  This yearly event held in Grant Park is jam-packed with great food samples from restaurants throughout Chicago.  The weather for past Taste events has been extremely hot.  Our midday lunch weather this year was warm and breezy – perfectly enjoyable.

 We bought our tickets and then wandered through the smoky air past barbequed ribs, jerk chicken, Satay chicken, pork tacos, polish sausage, hot dogs, brats, Chicago deep dish pizza, gyros, cheese cake and dozens more local and ethnic food booths.  The smells embrace you as you walked past the open-faced booths.  In the distance a Latin group could be heard singing on one of several stages.

  My usual stop is a Billy Goat’s Tavern.  This is where you’ll hear Cheezborger! Cheezborger! No fries, cheeps! No Pepsi, Coke!”? This year was no different.

I can’t resist the spiel, so I buy a cheeseburger, chips and a Pepsi.  Deon wanted the Upside Down Caramel Cupcake from Abundance Bakery.  (It’s funny how God reminds me of certain things.  See my previous post!)  Later, she and I later walked past Eli’s Cheesecake booth.  We both lusted after the Turtle Cheesecake with Vanilla Ice Cream.  Mmm! Lord, have mercy!

 At last year’s Taste, Deon and I followed the food booths to Buckingham Fountain.  There in the gardens surrounding the fountain we found the Budweiser Clydesdales.  They stood majestically in the shade of the high arching trees. Though I stood on tiptoes, I could not reach the top of their heads. We didn’t see the horses this year, though. Instead, Deon and I and thousands of others were the one’s putting on the feed bag.

 I may have to return to the Taste later this week and check out the Carbon booth for some steak tacos and then some awesome cheesecake at the Eli’s booth.  It’s a good thing that I walk there and back from work. I may need to walk home, too.

One Response to The Taste of Chicago

  1. A. M. Siriano says:

    Was there a few years ago, and caught it on one of those hot days. Had a great time, anyway!

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