Monroe Harbor Midday

Thursday noon I walked along Chicago’s Monroe Harbor.  There, anchored sailboats bobbed on top of Lake Michigan’s rolling green-blue water.  It seemed that each boat’s mast had become a swinging pendulum of a winding-down metronome.  A chorus of bell sounds could be heard.  The boats’ block and tackle, loosely fitted, clanged and clinked against the mast with each back and forth of the boat.

 In Monroe Harbor there are sailboats with names like Trade Winds, Sea Odyssey II, Aquatics Synonymous and Blind Ambition. This quietly undulating waterfront scene provided the bottom half of my horizon. Above, the solid sun shone directly over my head like a much hoped-for halo, burning a hole into the cloudless cerulean sky.

 … I come here often during my lunch times.  I need the sights and sounds of sea and sky for my moorings

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