The Eyes Have It

The phrase “The Men Who Stare Like Goats” came into my head yesterday morning and I am still wondering why.  I never did see the movie, the title of which holds the correct phrase.  Yet, this is how my mind works. And, usually by this time some occurrence comes alongside the enigmatic words to give them some context and relevance. But, nothing of any consequence has happened yet. I can only tell you of what happened yesterday as I headed home from work. 

Yesterday afternoon I found a single seat in the “upper deck” of the 5:04 West Line commuter.  From my perch I could look out over Chicago as the train headed west. At one point, not far from the station, the train stopped where it usually did.  Here incoming trains and outgoing trains wait on each other to pass.  While we waited another commuter train heading east came right up next to our train, on my side, and then passed by.  I could look directly across into the engineer’s cabin.  There, I saw the train’s engineer reading the Chicago Sun Times as the train was moving towards Ogilvie station, his eyes focused on the day’s events. I turned back to look into our coach to see if anyone else had seen the same thing and then I saw it:  staring. Four men sat ogling an attractive young woman. 

The woman sat in a single seat across the upper aisle from me.   A beautiful brunette, she wore a flowery silk dress with a slit on both sides and in front, a ‘V’ tucked in between two exclamation points. (My outfit was more of an “H”.  I received only perfunctory glances.)  This whole ‘business’ brings me back to my present free-association dilemma:  Men Who Stare Like Goats. I’ll have to wait and see what meanings today brings to the fore. Maybe, though, it is staring me in the face.

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