There is no doubt that by now you have heard news reports replaying Mel Gibson’s rants to his girlfriend. I am not going to comment on what he has said.  It is really none of my business.  I will say that the media has no business playing these tapes and the public has no business listening.  It is an egregious invasion of privacy. I realize that people are hungry for gossip and ready to gorge themselves on any hypocrisy that can be scrounged up.  But no one I know would want to be cannibalized in the same way.

If the woman has a legitimate complaint of physical abuse against Gibson then she should get the authorities involved. Other than this, the playing of these tapes is malicious in intent and serves no real redemptive purpose. The tapes should not be used in court and should be inadmissible as evidence.

 Would you want tapes of all your bad/hysterical moments played to the public?  No, you wouldn’t. Mel, a devout Catholic, should know though, that God, the Operator, is listening in.

One Response to Mel-odrama

  1. A. M. Siriano says:

    It’s amazing how few people even think about what should be an obvious point. Thanks for making it!

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