Charles P. Pierce – Idiot America

Here is are some excerpts from an on-line Review of a book written by Charles P. Pierce, Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free

“…Someone with the ability to see America with a critical eye is an impossibility for them (Idiot Americans). They believe in American exceptionalism above all else. They thought a C student President was a genius. These are the roughly 30% of Americans who still believe that Iraq had something to do with 9-11. You cannot mock them enough, but that’s about it. Self awareness is not their forte. These people don’t do nuance.”
“…Idiots stay idiotic — continuing to push at the pull sign on the door to reason. Idiot America is the land of willful ignorance; facts do not matter. Idiot America (like the Bush Administration) constructs its own reality every day. They watch Fox News and read the latest pundit screed from the right; they listen to Rush, and they watch the skies for black helicopters. When Obama spoke of people clinging to guns and religion when they are upset with the world, he was talking about Idiot America. Gun sales are up since he became president. He’s the scary black man they fear.”
“…Idiot America is the place where people believe in “The Gut,” otherwise known as George W. Bush’s favorite organ and/or appendage. Cable television and talk radio are the two biggest media organs that feed The Gut (The Gut does not read much).”
“Once on television . . . you are speaking to The Gut, and The Gut is a moron … The Gut is the roiling depository of dark and ancient fears. It knows what it knows because it knows how it feels. It pits intellect against feeling. It can be thought as “common sense,” but it is the kind that is rarely common and rarely makes sense.” [pages 34-35]
…”We must reject the simplistic view of The Gut and return to Our Brain.”
As you can gather from the above review, the elitist liberal journalist Mr. Pierce knows better than the rest of us or at least the ones he looks down on. This is a book that liberals and progressives love to revel in: it is haughty, non-redemptive, polarizing, snobbish, arrogant and jaded. It provides liberals and progressives succor in a world filled with the “idiots” who are all around them. Sadly, those who read this liberal dribble will become more ensconced in their ivory towers while the rest of us “morons” must ‘feel’ our way down below.
I am a conservative woman. I am well read in many areas of politics, finance, literature and morals (or as he calls it “The Gut”, something Mr. Pierce gives little credence to). I base my understanding of the world not on Fox News or Rush Limbaugh or the media. I am a thinking intellectual who has traveled to many parts of the world. Long ago I was diagnosed with a brain. Since I am a woman I also use my intuition (Maybe Mr. Pierce, as revealed in his pointed attacks on Sarah Palin, is a simply a misogynist.). I use this “gut” feeling to make decisions. I use every thing available to me in order to make wise decisions. Finally, I pray and ask for wisdom. Does the enlightened Mr. Pierce pray to himself, “The Brain”?
As a writer I know how easy it is to pen self-serving trash. The writing of Idiot America must have been a no-brainer for Mr. Pierce

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