Your Parallel Thoughts?

Last night there happened to be an interesting show on TV: The History Channel’s The Universe. I learned that parallel universes were categorized as Level 1, 2, 3 or 4. I am now beginning to see why I tend to multi-task while I overbook and then appear cross-eyed.

On the show, a physicist from nearby Fermi-Lab explained that since we live in parallel universes, things may be happening around us that we are unaware of, like dinosaurs walking through our living room while we watch the History Channel (If I were married, I could use that line somehow!). Or, in another parallel universe, the Cubs would win a World Series (That must be a level five universe!). These things would be perfectly para-normal!  I suppose that in another universe I could be from Mars and not from Venus. That’s a significant para-digm shift!!

During the show it was proposed that the basic composition of things was not tiny points or dots of matter but more in the nature of strings and membranes, much like the human brain.

This got me thinking: what if I exist only in God’s mind, only in God’s imagination?

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