Take A Number

Huh? People voted for Obama and a progressive agenda. Now we will reap what they have sown: a dystopian world.  The National Health Care system does not care about humans.  It only cares about numbers. Political Correctness only cares to make itself heard and no one else; Homosexual ‘marriage’ is the de-humanization of marriage into something unnatural and perverse.  Homosexuality is something even animals wouldn’t do. Abortion continues to murder innocent children for the sake of a woman’s choice. The woman will not give her unborn child liberty.  Save the whales but not the babies.  The list of progressive absurdities is growing daily.  What was that?  Freedom is Slavery?

 Voting for Obama and the progressive agenda is voting your liberty away.  It is handing your liberty over to the government; a government that you simplistically believe will be  beneficent and altruistic, a government that you believe will have your best interest at heart.  We, the ‘benefactors’ of all of government’s ‘goodness’,  are now being told to bend over and take ‘it’ like good Americans (Joe Biden:   “…paying more in taxes is the patriotic thing to do…”).  We are now paying cash (taxes) for clunker government. Liberty is being traded for a false sense of security, for unbalanced justice and for a promised peace of mind.

 When you Think Progess, you believe you are thinking of utopia or the Garden of Eden or a socialized gospel or just plain fairness.   But, ultimately you will have to think of control.  Control is the only means to obtain a collective ‘perfect’ world. In the end, you will be handing control of your life over to a handful of people in power (e.g., labor unions).  You will be making yourself and others just numbers on a bottom line.  Life as we know it will become de-humanized; you will become your SSN: 198-419-8419.

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