Identification of a Woman

Sarah Palin embodies all that the world of the Left and its positivism hates – the uncalculable, the intuitive…the feminine. As portrayed by the Left, Sarah Palin is incapable of knowing what scientific, rational and positivistic men know.  If Sarah speaks, it is presumed by the Left that she relates nothing of import, that she’s only a woman blabbing outside of any meaningful male context.  The reason? Sarah represents the metaphysical, the intangible, the rational and  the mysterious. She is feminine.

 Sarah, unlike many women on the political scene, has not morphed into the feminist contortion of angry sneering womanhood.  She doesn’t behave like the strident women so politically vogue now:  the Rachel Maddows, the Debbie Wasserman Schultzes, the Elizabeth Warrens and the Ann Coulters. Sarah is feminine but Sarah is not weak.

 Sarah’s strength lies in her embrace of the feminine.  She is a mama grizzly that is soft on the outside and strong and sure of her intuitive reflexes on the inside.  She can and will lash out if she has to protect those in her care. Sarah can speak the truth in love.  The others mentioned above, well, they have abandoned the feminine to become attack dogs for their masters.  They speak in yappy diatribes out of a feminist position patterned after patriarchy, a patriarchy that is lock step with mysogyny marching against the feminine.

 Misogyny, the hatred of women, will always try to suppress the feminine and promote the masculine over woman.  And, whether initiated by a male or a female, misogyny denigrates woman because she is not like a man. The feminine is seen as a threat.  The feminine is seen as weakness, inconsequential and even stupid. To the misogynist the feminine is supposed to be for Friday nights when the male world wants to go out and party.    To them the feminine is party casual.  It is not meant to settle foreign policy crises, fiscal issues or matters of state.

 Woman, as object, is not seen as equal with a man.  Woman instead is deemed less than man. And for many woman is to be thought of as an accessory and superfluous to the real world where men live.

  Stand up women like Sarah Palin are seen as a threat to the male-calibrated feminism that is so often depicted in the media.  Because of this women like Palin are often become the targets of demonization and mockery by the Left.   And, sometimes, there are some on the Left who just need an enemy to provide themselves with an identity (see artwork below).

Should our daughters be taught to hate the feminine and to embrace the feminist ideology of the Left with its misplaced anger, male voice and self-hatred?

From this link:

 Unfortunately, the sculpture in question, executed in metal by artist J. Taylor Wallace, depicts the former governor as a wide-eyed, screaming harridan, which might be an accurate depiction of how the far left views her. The sculpture was used to roast an entire, pear stuffed pig at a recent art festival. It is said the fire made the eyes glow and the mouth shoot flames, in a sort of parody of a female demon.

Interesting insights into misogyny:

 Flight From Woman by Karl Stern

Manicheanism and the Denigration of Woman: Karl Stern: The Flight From Woman. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux 1965, 310 pp. Review by: Harry Slochowerof Karl Stern’s book …

Karl Stern’s book contains three main theses. Its most noteworthy contribution is the analysis of six modern figures: three philosophers—Descartes, Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard; and three literary men—Sartre, Tolstoy, Goethe. There is also a discussion of Ibsen’s Hedda Gabier. While these chapters are not all on the same level, the author breaks fresh ground, writes engagingly and manages to create focused pictures in a few pages.

The six figures are seen as exemplifying the continuation of the Manichean heresy in which woman was regarded as an abomination. Here, spirit is opposed to nature, power opposed to love.

This temper has been accelerated by the neuterism of modern mechanism and technology, as well as by its philosophic counterparts of rationalism and logical positivism. These can be equated with the masculine as opposed to the feminine, calling forth the ghastly spectre of a world denuded of womanly values. Hope lies in the recognition of these values.

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