1968 AM

1968 AM


He sits in the battery power’d

Hand thump’d car

Listenin’ to the station that connects

Venus to his antenna.


Every day at 5:30 pm

He’s punched the AM dial

Selecting a love song from the air.


’57 Chevy Impala, sky blue

And baby, too,

Listenin’ beyond the melodies

For cues from sonic rhapsodies

Both waitin’ for a hand to hold,

Both steerin’ left and right.


Tomorrow has always been

Waitin’ at their disposal,

But “all my lovin’ ” can’t wait a day

In the wake of AM’s proposal.

Right here in daddy’s car.

Right here in daddy’s car.



© Sally Paradise, 2012, All Rights Reserved

One Response to 1968 AM

  1. Kumar Gautam says:

    nostalgic and beautiful 🙂

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