Unlawful Entry (Adam Lanza, Dec. 14th, 2012)

Unlawful Entry (Adam Lanza, Dec. 14th, 2012)

The Unthinkable:

20 children dead.

First Man Adam chose unlawful entry into the things of God,

Sin followed him in.

First man Adam expelled from the Garden,

Sin followed him out.

First Man Adam returned to the garden

 ~ unlawful entry ~ with vengeance

And self-hate loaded with evil’s murderous projectiles.

The Unthinkable:

20 children dead within a sharp picosecond of eternity where angels wait,

20 unopened gifts are carried to heaven.


The Unthinkable:

God becomes man ~ Second Man Adam,

Born during the time of Herod and

The Slaughter of Innocents!

Later crucified, One Innocent Man atoning for all First Adams,

Second Man Adam endured the Unthinkable as one of us.


By this evil is kept outside the door in outer darkness,

But access is granted to all who hear His resurrected Voice,

To all those who choose lawful entry:

“I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved.”


Under the wings of the Almighty ~

They overshadow you –

The terror by night or by day cannot enter.


Just ask the 20 children when you see them again.



© Sally Paradise, 2012, All Rights Reserved

2 Responses to Unlawful Entry (Adam Lanza, Dec. 14th, 2012)

  1. johncoyote says:

    I feel so sorry for the parent. How do you live with a lost of a child in a support safe place? I have children and grandchildren. This scare me. I pray for the families and all in involved. Thank you for sharing the poem.

    • Sally Paradise says:

      This is a tragic loss for each of these families and for that community and for our nation. I pray for them.

      I lost a son in a car accident a few years ago. You cry and grieve the loss. Because I know Jesus I was able to let His healing come into my soul over time.

      It would be easy to become angry with God – “Why would He let this happen?” – but as I grieved before God He began to replace the loss of a son with a confidence in His eternal Love. The deep well of sadness created by the loss is being filled with a profound joy, a joy that the world could never give you or begin to understand. It is the joy of His presence.

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