Bitter Clingers Have More Fun!

Illinois Sportman's Show 05-12-2013

Today I attended a local Illinois gun show. It was my first gun show.

I found out about the show when I went over to Gander to buy some ammo. The Gander guy said they didn’t have 9mm ammo: “It came in last Thursday and it was gone as soon as it came in.” He said that I had to be at the store at 8:30 am on Thursday mornings to even have a chance at purchasing some 9mm ammo.

The guy the store clerk was helping said that here was a gun show down the road. So, I took off like a flash and ended up there for the afternoon.

I didn’t take any photos inside. You already know what guns ~ rifles, handguns ~ look like. I did see a lot of fathers with daughters and mothers with daughters at the show.

It was a Sportsmans’ Show so there was a lot of hunting rifles besides all varieties of pistols and knives. I was able to purchase a large quantity of 9mm ammo after showing my FOID card. I also bought a 9mm bullet magnet for my refrigerator door and a sign that says “Gun Control Means Using Both Hands.” Hah! Bitter Clingers have more fun!

Protect the 2nd Amendment. It protects you.

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