A Tale of Two Waitresses


Labor Day. I decide to go to one of my favorite breakfast places to indulge in some eggs over easy with ham.

The Nosh staff knows me by name except for Erika. Erika waited on me once before and things didn’t work out too well.

Now I tend to order one of two different items. The waitresses who have waited on me before come over with the coffee pot – ready to pour and take my order

My food and more coffee arrive in minutes. They make sure that my coffee cup stays full. They ask me several times if I’m doing OK. But that is not what happened with Erika the first time she served me.

Erika asked if I wanted coffee and I smiled and gave the nod “yes.” She came back with coffee and took my order. The restaurant manager brought my breakfast and some Cholula hot sauce. He knows me.

I drank me coffee until there was none. And there was no Erika either.

Now the restaurant wasn’t completely full and there were several waitresses but Erika was no where in sight. Lots of time passed before she arrived in view across the way. She stood at the computer tallying some orders and then went and checked on every new table she was given. This happened several times over and now I was a little upset. This wasn’t a hard job. She just didn’t seem to be aware of her surroundings or her customer’s needs.

Getting out of my seat I finally waved her down as she about to walk right past me. She asked, “More coffee?” I said “Yes!”

Once again I had a few sips of warm coffee and finished my breakfast. But again no Erika in sight to ask me if I wanted a warm up on the coffee. I gave up. I flagged her down again.
After several minutes and detours she brought the bill. She gave me the bill and said nothing – at all.

I paid the bill and gave her a 10% tip (I usually give the other waitresses up to a 30% tip because the bill is small and they worked hard for my benefit). I wanted to tell Erika that she wasn’t very good as a waitress but I let the small tip do the talking.

Labor Day. I decide to go to one of my favorite breakfast places to indulge in some eggs over easy with ham. Erika is my waitress.

She may have gotten my tip message or she may have decided that I’m not worth her effort. She behaved the same way as the first time. And this, even though the restaurant was almost empty and there were four other waitress waiting for customers.

Next time I will make sure I have a different waitress and I will tell the manager why.


Are there really people so unaware of customers that they can’t do their job? And, in this economy? Or is it that some young people think that they have done their job by bringing you coffee once, taking your order and then your money when you are done. In other words, are there young people who feel they are entitled and don’t need to do any extra effort? I have encountered this before: there are the zealous customer service people and there are the “do I have to people?” I give great tips to the former.

I fear Obama and the Progressives are creating the latter class of worker aka the “Entitled.”

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