Ache W/O Outlet: Friends Growing Different


A brief synopsis:

 Frances Ha, a B & W film infatuated with French cinema, tells a story of Frances Ha (Greta Gerwig) a young woman who finds she is becoming at odds with herself and with her roommate and close friend, Sophie.

 With circumstances and relationships quickly beginning to shift from away from her dreams towards reality, Frances, one of the “green girls”, wants to relive the fantasies born out of their friendship.  She asks Sophie to retell the “story of us.”

 Contrasted with the recent upheavals in her life is Frances’ return to Sacramento, her childhood home, for Christmas.   It is this time spent with her parents and with their congregation, though brief, that helps ground Frances apart from the fanciful “story of us.“

 While in Sacramento she is surrounded by those who are mature and stable.  They speak of “integrity and acceptance…spiritual growth…intellectual stimulation.”  They are no longer ‘green’ in their thinking.

 After returning to New York City Frances begins moving away from being co-dependent to a place of self-acceptance, “her capital S-Self.”  No longer a “green girl” she begins adulthood by accepting the changes and by moving on.

 Frances soon finds an apartment where she is roommate free.  And although she can only put 2/3rds of her name onto her mailbox she is OK with this.  She is now living alone, moving in only with herself.

  Just a note:  How great it would be if instead of a homosexual union between two people these two people were just friends, friends who were not sexually or emotionally co-dependent, friends who related to one another as grown-ups.

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