Sacred Sounds Amid the Hegemony of Noise

At a time of great crisis in our world we need more than ever to embrace the sacred. 

In the garden of prayer there are sacred sounds and there is holy silence.

As Spanish Mystic St. Teresa of Avila (March, 28, 1515 ~ October, 4, 1582) I come to the garden to meet with Him.

There I find water from the well and the fountain and the stream.  Water from above.

Saint Augustine:  When you sing you pray twice.

Here are some ideas, some choral music for your garden.

 Harry Christophers and The Sixteen present the music and backgrounds of composers James MacMillan, John Rutter and Sir John Tavener.


Tomás Luis Victoria (c.1548 – August 20, 1611)  ~ Spanish Counter Reformation Composer


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