Transformative Knowledge


The opening of the poem The Agony by George Herbert speaks of the modern way of knowing: the rational scientific mode (“philosophers” = natural philosophers). Herbert says there is so much more to take into account; there is so much more to knowing. He seeks to balance, heal and re-inform our ways of knowing. To radically transform our ways of knowing, Herbert invites us to turn to Christ at the intersection of sin and love – Christ’s Passion.

Closer to home, have you noticed that churches have ways of presenting sin and love? There are churches that speak about sin and damnation. They are ready to point out sin and make love conditional. And, there are churches that speak of unconditional love and inclusion while making sin conditional. Herbert reminds us that transcendent love can only be fully understood when we come to a knowledge of our sin and the meaning of cross.


The Agony

Philosophers have measur’d mountains,
Fathom’d the depths of the seas, of states, and kings,
Walk’d with a staff to heav’n, and traced fountains:
But there are two vast, spacious things,
The which to measure it doth more behove:
Yet few there are that sound them; Sin and Love.

Who would know Sin, let him repair
Unto mount Olivet; there shall he see
A man so wrung with pains, that all his hair,
His skin, his garments bloody be.
Sin is that press and vice, which forceth pain
To hunt his cruel food through ev’ry vein.

Who knows not Love, let him assay
And taste that juice, which on the cross a pike
Did set again abroach, then let him say
If ever he did taste the like.
Love is that liquor sweet and most divine,
Which my God feels as blood; but I, as wine.

The Paranormal in Me is Light

You may have watched shows on cable TV depicting paranormal activity. Hauntings, ghost sightings, etc. are documented via video and audio recorders and with transducers designed to pick up temperature change, Emf and so on.  The ghost hunters go to ‘known’ haunts like abandoned state prisons and mental institutions, grave yards and homes with weird happenings. It’s all put out there for the thrill seeking viewer.  Be careful, though.  You should be curious about spiritual things but there will be a price to pay for becoming involved in the dark side.

 Since early childhood I have been aware of the spiritual world.  I am sensitive to spiritual energy and often sense when there are spiritual things going on around me.  This was true when as a child I visited an abandoned German orphanage in a suburban Chicago village.  I understood that there were children everywhere as I walked through the empty dilapidated rooms.

 Driving across southern Wyoming and then into Medicine Bow National Forest I became keenly aware of immense spiritual energy.  I told the driver to stop the car.  I got out of the car and stood by the side of the road.  There was a strong spiritual presence on that hill.

 I became aware of an evil presence in a quaint 100 year-old home that I had purchased with my spouse many years ago. After living in the house for a year I knew why the previous couple had wanted to sell. In my spirit I understood that there was unsettled darkness in the place.  The home had strong negative spiritual energy. I believe this negativity affected the seller’s marriage. I was to learn a few years later that the neighbors had seen strange things going on in the upstairs bedroom.

  I finally asked an Anglican Priest and some friends to come over and to cleanse the house of demonic activity. The demonic force was incredibly strong.  The priest poured holy water onto the threshold of every room.  We prayed with our friends as he did this. 

 It was at that time that I had the sense that an Indian graveyard was on our plot of land. I had no historical basis for knowing this but I did sense that something had been disturbed.  The old house was a chicken farm some eighty years before and now something else had come to roost, apparently. I do believe that because we were Christians the demonic force was not free to harm us or to scare us.  We had put up crosses everywhere in our house.

 After living in the house for twelve years and spending most of the time wanting to leave the house I finally was free of its darkness. I sold the house for a loss – after receiving divorce papers. I was very anxious to get out of the place and be somewhere safe.  The constant negative energy wore me down.  I had become depressed to the point of wanting out all together.  Moving out of that house made a huge difference in my life for the better.

 To this day I sense spiritual energy.  In my mind’s eye I will see the Holy Spirit at work:  I will see a whirlwind or a tornado in my imagination.  I can sense when there is spiritual activity around me.  This activity is sometimes good and sometimes bad.  Usually, I sense a spiritual battle taking place between angels the forces of God and demons the forces of Satan.

 The reason I warn you about the becoming involved with spiritual forces is that these forces will most often be dark and deceptive forces.  In fact, you will know when a dark force is present unless you have given yourself completely over to evil.  You should also know that when a person you see on TV is sensing or speaking to someone from the ‘past’ they are intercepting a demonic presence.

 It is my opinion that those who have died and did not desire to believe in God and His Son Jesus Christ do walk the in a kind of purgatory (perhaps a parallel universe) where they are able to see life going on around them but they have no means of communicating with those who are alive. It is actually the demons who communicate.  They have the same information the ghost hunters do. You should not communicate with them, ever.

 The people on these thrill shows are bringing darkness upon themselves.  They will be affected by what they are doing and it will not be good.  They will become confused, self-hurting and deeply depressed. Stay away from these things. Don’t invite darkness in to your home by watching these things.

 The allure of Satan is that a person can supposedly have unlimited power if you submit to Him. Instead, you can become oppressed and then demon possessed if you continue to yield your will to Satan.  You gain nothing and Satan gains all of you. Stay away from witchcraft, spells, wiccan religion, demonology, séances and the worship of the gaia or the earth. Stay away from pagan religions. Stay away. You have everything to lose.

 If you want to understand something of the character and the effects of evil then read M. Scott Peck M.D.’s book People of the Lie:  The Hope for Healing Human Evil, copyright 1983.  Also, reference Walter Martin’s extensive research book The Kingdom of The Occult, copyright 2008.

 Because we are spiritual beings we are easily susceptible to spiritual darkness.  The darkness often appears with a little light to intrigue us.  In other words, lies have some truth in them to make you curious about them.  Stay away from the darkness and walk in the light of Christ.