St. Mary’s Park: April Showers Bring May Flowers – After the Flood

Yesterday I drove over to St. Mary’s Park in Saint Charles, IL.  I typically go for long walks at St. Mary’s after winter recedes and spring bursts out.

Burst out it did!  As you will see much of the park along the Fox River had been under water because of the recent heavy rains.

Saint Mary's Park 008 Saint Mary's Park 010 Saint Mary's Park 011  Saint Mary's Park 009Saint Mary's Park 013 Saint Mary's Park 012

Saint Mary's Park 019 Saint Mary's Park 021

Saint Mary's Park 023

The first snow of the year fell last night







The first snow of the year fell last night

– speckled opacity,  sifted talc – dusting the frigid day’s ice.

Hoary halo-ed street lights assembled for white-caked cars carrying the store-bound in search of milk and diapers.


Today, old women worry in picture windows,

But children, out in droves, charge willy-nilly,

Nature’s imposed accumulation yielding to youth.


Later, the plow man may show us the way “Through the white and drifting snow”.

He never seems to come, though, before I want to go.

I’ll not hold my frosty breath for him.


© Jennifer A Johnson, 2018, All Rights Reserved



I stand at the edge of suddenness,
Hair on high alert:

Brazen edged clouds huddle
Agonizing over the fixated land,
Until, as one, they dispatch
A turbo-quill,
Scrawling graffiti onto
Parchment earth’s thicket.

Abruptly, the signing ends
Dissipating into
Further thought and

Annotation fully noted,
The air is shocked by the news.

© Sally Paradise, 2011, All Rights Reserved