Citizen Czar

Recently Obama appointed Elizabeth Warren as a special advisor to oversee the newly created highly powerful consumer financial protection bureau. In doing so Obama bypasses Congress, our elected representatives. He is able to do this because the position is called “advisory” and it is not the directorship of the bureau. Like the appointment of the other Obama’s Czars, Obama’s sidestepping of Congress tells me that Ms. Warren will represent Obama’s interests and not the consumer’s interest. She is given this position in order to protect Obama politically. She will use hand slapping and the handicapping of Wall Street in order to make Obama look good. She is a frequent critic of Wall Street. We need someone to protect us from Obama’s appointees

In lieu of corrupt representation, it is high time that We the People appoint someone who represents us: a Citizen Czar. There needs to be someone who represents the Constitution and its intent of liberty for all (not government takes all).

The Citizen Czar would act to:

Restrict government encroachment for the sake of the People;

Restrain taxation for the sake of the people;

Promote natural marriage and healthy family relationships for the sake of the people;

Promote what is good, honest, just and honorable. Promote liberty with discipline. For the people.

Defend the non-politician from a politician’s BS. Citizen Czar will fine liars.

Distribute copies of the Constitution to every legal citizen;

Protect citizens from executive office appointed Czars, including the protection of our children from Safe-Schools Czar Kevin Jennings.

Ensure the display of the American flag in every classroom.

Ensure that the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag is said every morning in the classroom.

Promote charter and private schools and disassemble public education and the Department of Education.

Protect the ‘yet-to-be born’ American citizen from destruction.

Encourage, foster and present public forum debates on public issues.

Stop the redistribution of wealth; Support small business and entrepreneurship.

Work to see men honored and to see women loved.

Promote civility, citizenship and character (prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance) for We the People.

…this is big task for any one person. I suggest a Citizen Czar and a Citizen Czarina, a husband and wife team.

One Response to Citizen Czar

  1. A. M. Siriano says:

    Excellent idea! You should forward this on to Glenn Beck.

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