A Few Good Men, Part 2

Staff Sgt. Robert Miller gave his life for his country. He gave his life. . . so that progressives could whine about not having government sponsored health care? He gave his life so that gays could whine about not being legally married? He gave his life so that our own borders could be overrun by illegal aliens and drug lords? He gave his life so that the Democrats and the progressive left could freely spend our country into enormous debt, procuring entitlement programs? (It is this undisciplined type of spending that makes each citizen a slave to government and our nation as a whole subservient to other nations. In contrast, it was a discipline of mind, soul and body which prepared Staff Sgt. Robert Miller to make the ultimate sacrifice for his country-he gave up his rights and kept his responsibilities.)

Robert Miller unselfishly gave his life. He laid down his life for his friends.

Robert Miller gave his life to save 22 lives and he protected my life here at home. Chivalry is not dead. It lives on in the memory of Staff Sgt. Robert Miller and in the protection of liberty that he secures.

For progressives, this blood-bought liberty is used to whine about everything they don’t have and then they resolve to take it from someone else.

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