O Holy Flight (From Christmas)

(A postmodern Christmas)

Christmas Eve:

Over the waiting and through the body scanner,

To grandmother’s house we go…

The TSA knows the way,

To handle …your package.

“Underwear bombers move to the end of the line, please!”


Yuletide carols being sung by a secular choir;

Female pop singers whining down another year,

Music streaming, reprogramming.


Broke, Flat-out busted, Best Buy-ed,

Macy, Macyier, Macyest,

Amassed among the Amazon-ed.


Fizz the season, too, by golly:

“Plop, Plop. Fizz. Fizz.

O, what a relief it is!”


Sprigs of Hollywood and Vine dance while

Visions of HD sugar plums fairies

Tug remotely at

Lazy Boys



Egg nog, glug and figgy pudding?

G-G-Ghosts of Christmas gastronomy.


Superstore angels bring good tidings of great joy:

Black Friday is the new White Christmas!


Down the chimney,

“Ho, Ho, Ho,”

Global Warming comes,


Melting away minutes of our snow covered evening.

Bah, Humbug you opportunistic

Scrooge of a scourge.

“I’ll cap and trade your ass!”


Up on the housetop reindeer pause…

Carbon footprints in the snow! Oh, no!

Update:  Reindeer games beginning 10:00 EST.


Santa, “APPROVED”,

Baby Jesus, ACLU’d.

Nativity Receptivity?

It takes a village to raze a Christ Child.

Marquee lights announce the second coming of Black Friday.

Electrified houses boast of more watts per square inch.

Tree lights twinkle when tickled by boughs

Glowing snowmen bobbing, bobbing slow men glowing

White blinking lights, sentinels flanking our windows,

Warn us of Christmas!


© Sally Paradise, 2010, All Rights Reserved

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