Soon & Very Soon

Every now and then I channel surf the TV for something viewable. I am looking for something to watch that doesn’t contain guns, good/bad guys, crime scenes, sitcom-‘ick’ silliness, ER rooms, people walking and talking through scenes from one room to the next speaking to each other with ‘edgy’ dialog or Real Housewives from any geographic area in and around New Jersey, Atlanta, and LA. Sometimes, out of the surf, comes the Bill Gaither Homecoming Friends musical program.

I love this program. It is a gathering of the best gospel singers imaginable. I enjoy the close harmonies and the spirit with which they sing. The music, besides giving glory to God, takes the viewer back to those days of first love in Christ. There is a lot of toe-tapping music (“Turn Your Radio On”) and slow lush ballads (”Jesus There’s Something About That Name”). The music reminds me of a special time in my life.

Many years ago I was an education/music student at Moody Bible Institute. I played the trumpet in the early days of Moody’s newly formed concert band under the musical director Gerry Edmonds. Often during those busy school days the music director would get an ‘outside’ request for musicians. As a trumpet player I would be asked to play for weddings, church gatherings and concerts. Sometimes we were asked to play for popular musicians. On one occasion two of us lead trumpets were asked to supply some brass at a couple of local concerts. We accepted the offer to play with Bill & Gloria (& Danny) Gaither.

The first Gaither concert was held in a Merrillville, Indiana auditorium and the other, in a local Chicago area auditorium.

On stage before the concert we met with Bill, Gloria and Danny Gaither. (Danny was singing with the group in those days.) Before we prayed together, we talked about the line-up of songs. Bill wanted our horns to let loose during the playing of “The King Is Coming” and “Because he Lives.” Our clarion horns were definitely heard by all.

I was thrilled to be a part of these concerts. The finale, “The King Is Coming”, lifted the roof off of the house, as they say.

I thought I saw a white horse and a Rider descend at the sound of the trumpets.

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