As Seen On TV

Buy it or not: I was caught off guard this morning when I happened to see a TV commercial for a baby food blender. The target audience for this product, I assumed, was mothers with newborns. Or, was it? 

The ad was for the Baby Bullet – a small food blender in the shape of a…bullet?! Whoa, that gives you pause! Maybe this ad is a subliminal message from the NRA: imagine a happy baby eating his pulverized greens as they are being spooned out of the smiley-faced bullet shaped container. No wonder there are so many gun loving Americans! Someone, please tell Mayor Daley!

Now, I would definitely call this product something besides the Baby Bullet. And not Baby Blender, either.

Name suggestions: the Mason Jar-Like Juxtaposer or Baby’s Busy-As-A-Bee Blender or Newborn’s Highfalutin’ Incredible Meal Mulcher.


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