Cause and Effect: No Margin for Error

Read first:

Certainly the spread of HIV/AIDS in India, Africa, the US and throughout the world is, for the most part, due to unrestrained homosexual activity, activity promoted by the homosexual community. The proliferation of HIV/AIDS does not come from marginalization.

Yet, as seen in the above article, the Indian homosexual advocate Anjali Gopalan does not address the cause of HIV/AIDS.  He, in instead, blames the homosexual’s supposed marginalization as the reason that HIV/AIDs treatments are not happening fast enough to keep pace with the unnatural sexual activity.

Anjali offers two points countering the health minister’s statement that homosexuality is an unnatural disease: the marginalization of the homosexual and the need for community building. He does not address, of course, the prevention of AIDS.  Instead, Anjali deflects the problem on to others, seeking to shame them and to make them responsible for homosexuals not having HIV/AIDS treatments readily available. There is no mention by Anjali as to why the disease continues to be pervasive in the homosexual community.

News Flash:  HIV/AIDS marginalizes people through its own destructive means.  Social marginalization does not cause HIV/AIDS in a person.  Lack of self control on the part of the homosexual causes the spread of HIV/AIDS. Does anyone not believe this?

Other than having received a tainted blood transfusion or having had sex with an unfaithful partner, HIV/AIDS is a self-induced disease. You do know this don’t you?

Further, homosexuality does not lend itself to community building and certainly not through the reproduction of its citizens. Homosexuality marginalizes its practitioners into a group which practices unnatural sex, apart from the rest of society.  A community, diseased from within with homosexuality, will soon destroy itself, much like HIV/AIDS destroys the immune system of the one who has permitted it to come in.

The above article shows us once again that the homosexual community’s projection of its own lack of caring (consider the obvious transmission of AIDS from one person to the next) and its own need to feed its sense of self onto the healthy community is typical of narcissism.

You watch the news. Homosexuality gives nothing back to the community.  It only demands and takes.  An activist will tell us that will have “Diversity.”  Diversity was around long before homosexual community took over its meaning.  Diversity in the past was often used, with  positive connotations, to mean a choice of options or variety.  But the term has now been obfuscated to mean having homosexuality around as a good thing. Diversity now means a variety of what? Of sexual options?  Of sexual partners? Of sexually transmitted diseases?  Of mental and emotional illnesses?

Certainly a diseased diversity adds nothing of value to our community.  Today, a “Diverse” community is one with homosexuals many of whom have HIV/AIDS – a horrible disease propagated over and over again by homosexuality itself, spread across a self-marginalizing group of people. These people were once part of a healthy community before they ever contracted HIV/AIDS, before they ever engaged in the act of homosexuality. We are told that this “Diversity” is a good thing by homosexual activists. (Accept it or be called a homophobe by their bullies).

Someone should tell Anjali that the spread of HIV/AIDS can be mitigated with the cessation of homosexual activity.  In other words, stop doing what is unnatural, stop spreading the disease. Control yourself and stop blaming others.

Believing a lie only marginalizes truth and makes us a community of dupes.

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