At What Temperature is Capitalism Combustible? >451 degree F?

The Day of Rage and the Night of Irrational Fairness:  The “passionate intensity” (see the previous post) to dispose of the lessons of history and Capitalism for the “paradise of communism”.

History has shown that Capitalism has proven its economic worth by providing liberty, free and diverse choices and for our nation’s well-being.  Capitalism provides the opportunity for each person to make exchanges what each person needs and wants.

These Wall St. protestors seek to promote, in place of Capitalism, the historically documented as bankrupt socio-economic systems of socialism and communism under the new banner of Democratic Hope and Change. These protestors have no sense of history and no financial sense whatsoever.  They appear to only have a sense of self.  They live in the universe of self and that is the reason for the cry of “fairness”. Everything is relative to “self”.

“…And it could be said to substitute fairness (a determination which must always be subjective) for justice (the application of the legislated will of the electorate), is to enshrine greed – the greed, in this case, not for wealth, but for preference.”

This quote is from the chapter titled GREED in David Mamet’s recent book,  The Secret Knowledge: On Dismantling of American Culture


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