The SuperPacked Candidate Will Stop Dragging My Heart Around

While the talking and tweeting heads split hairs over differences in GOP candidates I thought I might throw together the perfect Amalgamated Candidate, a conservative lingua franca Candidate made up of the salutary features of the current nominee field and a personally favored write-in.  The Amalgamated Candidate, synthesized with the DNA of Milton Friedman and Ronald Reagan, categorically rejects Obamic progressivism, Carter Malaise-ism, Soros Europeanization-ism, the Left’s Holier-than-thou-ism, etc. and has…

 …the looks and hair of Mitt Romney (this Mad Men ad model coupled with George W. Bush–ian business experience are the “electabilty factors so desirable to a Washington insider and puppeteer like Karl Rove);

 …Newt Gingrich’s intellectual prowess, his track record which is proven and his savvy in the political realm;

 …Rick Santorum’s heart for family values;

 …Jon Huntsman’s knowledge of the Chinese born of his ambassadorship and his ability to speak Chinese;

 …Ron Paul’s unequivocal passion for the Constitution and for smaller unobtrusive government;

 …Rick Perry’s devotion to God and to civic duty.

 All of the above embodied with Sarah Palin’s moxy and love for America.

Am I missing anyone/anything?

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