Change Is a Required Course

Here the roots of Obama’s rage are exposed by self-revelation, exacting fully documented scholarship and historical fact.


We as Americans must not want the American Moment to pass.  Our nation has historically done the most good for the most people and more than any other nation at any other time in history.  We are not a perfect nation but on balance we have exceeded every other nation in the world’s history with our kindness.

 What makes America exceptional?  It is our generosity.  It is our impulsive bigheartedness born out of a Judeo-Christian tradition.  (It is not the ad hoc reasoning of a Ruth Bader Ginsburg that makes America Special. ) It is our system of government, ours laws, our liberty and our justice all enacted to create a nation of free people under God. 

 Be warned though. As America abandons God and embraces secular humanism we will lose our country and ourselves.  America’s rock solid foundations are now being replaced with the sands of hope and change.

As this continues American exceptionalism with its outward focus will sink into American hedonism with a collapsing inward narcissistic focus, a focus of wish-fulfillment under the pandering likes of Obama, the Progressives and the Democrats.

 You have been warned.

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