Homosexuality’s True Colors

Don’t believe the soft sell propaganda you see on TV about homosexuality.  Homosexuality is all about protecting the individual’s narcissism. Homosexuals do not care about anyone but themselves. But don’t take my word for this.  Watch the video.  What you’ll see is indicative of the homosexual community at large and it’s not much different from the skin heads who also spew hate and those who bully others.

3 Responses to Homosexuality’s True Colors

  1. Aaron says:

    Apparently, they care about rape victims. This video needs more footage at the beginning. What did the homeless man say about gays that prompted these men to behave like this? If he pulled a Leviticus 20:13 on them, claiming they should be put to death, then these gay men aren’t bullies. They are just standing up for themselves. Additionally, it is a hasty generalization to assume that the behavior of these four men is indicative of the homosexual community at large.

    • Sally Paradise says:

      Here is the context: chicago-chick-fil-a-kiss-in-protesters-chalk-homeless-street-preacher

      Did you even notice that the guys in this video were generalizing about the man reading his Bible?

      Did you notice that you generalized about some Scripture and then said it was okay for these bullies to “defend” themselves? These guys showed up to bully anyone who disagreed with their homosexuality.

      Homosexuality, like the Evil One, demands to be worshipped.

      And, yeah, I can tell these guys really care…

      “…the God that you worship stones rape victims.” This was an ignorant and false statement based partly on a passage of Scripture in Deuteronomy but mostly generated out of the LGBT handbook/website on how to bully Christians.

      I won’t dialog with evil. Narcissism loves to hear itself defend itself. So this is goodbye. Go argue with God.


      • Aaron says:

        Can you give me God’s phone number or email address then?

        I will dialogue with ignorance. I know you don’t want to discuss with me, so I will only say a couple of things about your last paragraph. First, please understand that I am not evil. How can you function in this world with such an extremely dichotomous view of good and evil? When you go to the grocery store, for example, how can you even look at the strangers there if you believe some of them might be evil? Secondly, “narcissism loves to hear itself defend itself?” You are the one with a whole blog defending your viewpoints, not me. You must hear yourself defend yourself a lot more than I do. I’m also not the one quoting myself in the margins.

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