The Hangover Continues

Obama wonAmerica lost

America deserves better than this media mollycoddled divisive passive-aggressive politician. The hangover from election night 2008 still has America off her feet.


 This morning I bumped into our office’s cleaning lady.  I’ll call her Dushanka. 

Dushanka asked if I had watched the election coverage last night.  I answered sadly that I did.

 I never knew Dushanka’s political inclination before this morning.  We previously had only talked before about our families and about work. We often talk when we arrive to work at 6:30 in the morning.  We sometimes see each other during the long work day and then we also chat.

 Dushanka came to America from Romania. She came to America because America was hope and change long before Obama came on the scene.  Dushanka works long hard hours just as I do.  We both pay our taxes and we obey the rules.  But after watching the election results and the crowd at McCormick Place and on the street she told me, “America is now broken.”  She could not fathom why those young people were standing there paying homage to Dear Leader, economic reality held in abeyance.  Nor could I.

 Dushanka told me something that I am no longer shocked about in Obama America:  another cleaning women working with D cheats the “system” – you and me.

 This woman, a foreigner, is using some else’s social security number. This woman has a child from a boyfriend. This woman registered the child at a Chicago Public school and received $200.00 (for what Dushanka didn’t know).  This woman who works with Dushanka also receives food stamps.  This same woman wrote on her job application that she had graduated from high school though she never graduated.  All of these things and more this woman related to Dushanka in a rather smug way: “Look, I am getting away with this.  You can too.”  In other words she is “cleaning up” at our expense.  That is Barack Obama’s America. And that is status quo for Chicago.  It is quickly becoming so for the nation. This is Social Justice Obama style but is this going forward in a morally right direction?

 Dushanka told me that she does not cheat the system:  “That would be cheating God.”

 Where is the Social Justice for people like Dushanka, for people like me?  Where is the social justice when people steal from other Americans? And where is the social justice when people forcibly take your property and give it to someone else though taxation? Where is social justice in class warfare?  In dividing the country racially?  There can be no social justice when men are not given their due, when materialism trumps the justice due human dignity and worth.

 Did you notice that our American ambassador and his aides were slaughtered in Benghazi?  The Obama White House is covering up their decided lack of involvement.  American citizens were killed but Obama played golf, campaigned and had another cigarette.  Could it be that there is now in place a U.S. government policy of “engaging, legitimating, enriching and emboldening Islamists who have taken over or are ascendant in much of the Middle East,”? This is the biggest scandal in American History.  The Obama regime wants to stonewall the whole business so that time will pass and people will forget.  But we won’t forget.

Did you notice Fast and Furious – AG Eric Holder sends lethal weapons to narco-terrorists in a scheme to teach America a lesson about owning guns?  The scheme backfired and a US border agent, an American citizen, is killed with the same guns along with hundreds of Mexicans. This is Social Justice Obama style.

Religious liberties are now being deleted for the new religion of political correctness. Moral relativism is replacing absolute truth.

 Millions of people are out of workYesterday people voted for more of the same!

This is what fear of the state looks like<< click here

Asstounding!  People voted for more uncertainty, more unpredictability, more taxes, more regulation, more tight money, more policies that undermine business confidence and block economic recovery. They voted for more incompetence from Barack Obama!

Today’s children want socialism.  And it is the very people who want socialism who bring nothing to the table.  That is why they want redistribution of other people’s money – they have nothing to offer themselves.

 People now want the government to be their insurance company and their vending machine for everything from birth control to abortions to health care.  People now want government to cover all their bets and to give them other people’s money to play. The majority of people voted for the indentured slavery of big government and the Boot placed on their neck!


 Obama’s Hope and Change cocktail has put our country on its back.  The only cure for the “Goddamn America” hangover from the 2008 and 2014 election nights is “God Bless America.”   The cure didn’t happen the last four years and it is not going to happen these next four years.  The narcotic effects of atheism, nihilism, materialism and antinomianism (lawlessness) – an elixir of evil gulped down on those election nights will now spread rapidly through your system. Liberty won’t know what hit it.

Just ask D.


Read The Forgotten Man – those who supply jobs and resources – requirements for human flourishing – are not the academics.


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