Chicago’s Top Cop Whines, Blames Sarah Palin

More of the same.  That’s what Chicago’s top cop Garry McCarthy wants ~ more gun control laws in the city that already has the most onerous gun laws in the nation, laws that do nothing to mitigate violence.

McCarthy must be a Democrat.  Democrats do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.  Well, isn’t that special?

He is also a Democrat because he blames others ~ in this case, Sarah Palin and gun-lobbyists ~ for not giving him his way, the Chicago Democrat Way.  Poor, poor baby.  McCarthy’s not doing his job and has to blame others for his lack of results.

What a whuss!

From the FOX News article Chicago’s top cop likens gun lobby’s influence to corruption:

“Facing a surging homicide rate and several headline-grabbing murders, Chicago’s top cop is taking aim at lobbyists who he says prevent politicians from implementing more gun control measures.”


“Garry McCarthy’s understanding of our Constitution barely qualifies him as a meter maid, never mind the chief of the nation’s third largest police department,” Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director Richard Pearson said.


McCarthy told he never advocated “getting rid of the Second Amendment.”  He said he was making the point that there is popular support for new gun control laws and that lobbyists are stopping elected officials from reflecting the will of the people.

“How is it [special interests] are controlling politicians?” he said. “How are they controlling elected officials? It’s not by popular vote

McCarthy in the past has blamed “government-sponsored racism” and Sarah Palin for Chicago’s gun violence. He has been outspoken in his opposition to handgun proliferation, telling a radio panel last month he equates fewer guns with improved public safety.


How is it that the ongoing popular support for owning guns and protecting oneself is not the will of the people?  In fact, the will of the people is expressly stated in the Second Amendment. 

God commanded:  “Thou shall not kill.  Yet, people still kill each other.

One would think that since the almighty God ‘passed’ an absolute law that people would harken to it and obey.  But no.  People are people. If you want to change people then you must change people’s hearts.  Passing stricter laws is ineffective. Nothing can supersede “Thou shall not kill.”

 And besides, this belief that government is the answer to a problem comes with its own caveat to hand over more power so as to fix the problem.  Chicago’s gun laws prove that government is not the answer and that power corrupts and/or makes one a whiner as the case may be.

 None of the gun laws enacted by Chicago politicians have done anything to stop the violence.  None of the pressure from anti-gun lobbyists has stopped the violence. The same people will go on marching in the streets demanding an answer and the same people will vote for Democrats.  And, it is the Democrats who pass more and more laws that do nothing except to raise your taxes. Keep voting for stupid.  Keep marching on behalf of stupid.

 “How is it [special interests] are controlling politicians?”  Garry, do you mean special interest groups like the Black Panthers?  Like Think Progress?  Like environmental groups? Like Chicago’s own Jesse Jackson Jr?  Like the Fraternal Order of Police lobbying in the media for a pay raise? Is this what you mean?

 Man up McCarthy.  Do your job.  Stop whining.  If you want to make a difference in people’s lives then be a leader not a whiner who hides behind a woman’s skirt.

2 Responses to Chicago’s Top Cop Whines, Blames Sarah Palin

  1. I BarKahn says:

    Virtually every word Professor Jacobson wrote, above and below my comments, was carefully written to deceive you and other readers. One example of many: Yes, both Rubio and Jindal were born in the U.S. to American parents. What the Professor chose to omit from his comments is that both of Sen. Rubio’s parents became American citizens AFTER Marco Rubio was born. Consequently, Sen. Rubio is NOT a “natural born citizen” and is constitutionally ineligible to be President. In Gov. Jindal’s case, ONE of his parents became an American citizen AFTER he was born. To be eligible to be President, BOTH of Gov. Jindal’s parents would have had to be American citizens at the time of his birth. Do not doubt that Professor Jacobson is aware of these facts and omitted them so that he could falsely claim that he was or would be maligned for a factually accurate defense of Rubio’s and Jindal’s eligibility. By the way, I never in any way stated or insinuated that Professor Jacobson was part of a “conspiracy.” That is simply another of his falsehoods.
    Professor Jacobson attacked me–as is his right–but will not let me respond in writing to his attack. What kind of person uses his platform to accuse someone but denies the accused the right to respond? Only a coward. Obama’s been in office illegally for four years and Professor Jacobson, a lawyer and law Professor, is only just now getting around to considering the matter? And of course, he won’t debate the matter with me, either publicly or in public writings. My nom may be de plume but my CV is authentic.
    Professor Jacobson, on the other hand, has shown himself to be a cowardly, procrastinating prevaricator.

    Believe Me,

    I BarKahn


    None of my comments are meant to be private; feel free to use them as you wish.
    Perhaps, you might be interested to see how Professor responds to them.

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