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Chicago’s Top Cop Whines, Blames Sarah Palin

More of the same.  That’s what Chicago’s top cop Garry McCarthy wants ~ more gun control laws in the city that already has the most onerous gun laws in the nation, laws that do nothing to mitigate violence.

McCarthy must be a Democrat.  Democrats do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.  Well, isn’t that special?

He is also a Democrat because he blames others ~ in this case, Sarah Palin and gun-lobbyists ~ for not giving him his way, the Chicago Democrat Way.  Poor, poor baby.  McCarthy’s not doing his job and has to blame others for his lack of results.

What a whuss!

From the FOX News article Chicago’s top cop likens gun lobby’s influence to corruption:

“Facing a surging homicide rate and several headline-grabbing murders, Chicago’s top cop is taking aim at lobbyists who he says prevent politicians from implementing more gun control measures.”


“Garry McCarthy’s understanding of our Constitution barely qualifies him as a meter maid, never mind the chief of the nation’s third largest police department,” Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director Richard Pearson said.


McCarthy told he never advocated “getting rid of the Second Amendment.”  He said he was making the point that there is popular support for new gun control laws and that lobbyists are stopping elected officials from reflecting the will of the people.

“How is it [special interests] are controlling politicians?” he said. “How are they controlling elected officials? It’s not by popular vote

McCarthy in the past has blamed “government-sponsored racism” and Sarah Palin for Chicago’s gun violence. He has been outspoken in his opposition to handgun proliferation, telling a radio panel last month he equates fewer guns with improved public safety.


How is it that the ongoing popular support for owning guns and protecting oneself is not the will of the people?  In fact, the will of the people is expressly stated in the Second Amendment. 

God commanded:  “Thou shall not kill.  Yet, people still kill each other.

One would think that since the almighty God ‘passed’ an absolute law that people would harken to it and obey.  But no.  People are people. If you want to change people then you must change people’s hearts.  Passing stricter laws is ineffective. Nothing can supersede “Thou shall not kill.”

 And besides, this belief that government is the answer to a problem comes with its own caveat to hand over more power so as to fix the problem.  Chicago’s gun laws prove that government is not the answer and that power corrupts and/or makes one a whiner as the case may be.

 None of the gun laws enacted by Chicago politicians have done anything to stop the violence.  None of the pressure from anti-gun lobbyists has stopped the violence. The same people will go on marching in the streets demanding an answer and the same people will vote for Democrats.  And, it is the Democrats who pass more and more laws that do nothing except to raise your taxes. Keep voting for stupid.  Keep marching on behalf of stupid.

 “How is it [special interests] are controlling politicians?”  Garry, do you mean special interest groups like the Black Panthers?  Like Think Progress?  Like environmental groups? Like Chicago’s own Jesse Jackson Jr?  Like the Fraternal Order of Police lobbying in the media for a pay raise? Is this what you mean?

 Man up McCarthy.  Do your job.  Stop whining.  If you want to make a difference in people’s lives then be a leader not a whiner who hides behind a woman’s skirt.

The Denigration of Herman Cain by MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell

In this MSNBC interview (<< linked here) by their paid attack dog Laurence O’Donnell,  one can clearly see the progressive left’s blatant condescension toward a black man with a different point of view than that of the myopic and biased MSNBC. 

Is this interview part of the “LEAN FORWARD campaign of MSNBC?  If so, LEAN FORWARD is defined by haughtiness, hypocrisy, intra-racial profiling, as promoting segregation, racism and a complete unwillingness to consider another point of view.  MSNBC’s LEAN FORWARD campaign is just a relabeling of the Plantation Politics established by the Democratic Party to suppress Black Americans, keeping them dependent on government. In short, the campaign promotes the economic slavery of millions of Black Americans.

MSNBC’s constant personal attacks on Herman Cain, Sarah Palin and others reveal that these people on the Left have nothing to offer anyone except hatred and an insidious reneging on the promise of the civil rights movement.

Is Herman Cain not black enough for you Laurence? Is his character not sufficiently pasty liberal white?

America doesn’t deserve a man like Herman Cain or a man like Laurence O’Donnell and for two totally opposite reasons:  Cain is a man who has lived the American Dream. Herman wants to make that dream possible for everyone.  He is to be honored for this.  Laurence O’Donnell, on the other hand, is a man who has lived the American Dream and still wants to berate the man who has succeeded against enormous odds and in spite of the color of his skin. Herman has not relied on the liberalism’s pretentious altruism and largesse for his achievements.  O’Donnell deserves dishonor.

Where is the defense of Herman Cain by Jesse Jackson,  Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters?  Oh, that’s right. These three Democrats seek to benefit from the race card being played and Herman Cain, a Republican, does not.

Palin Support Not Failin’

In this video, notice how the opposing views resort to attacking Adrienne Ross and Sarah Palin.  They do not present alternative issues or constructive rebuttal. They lash out with personal attacks against both of these women.

Give Obama more time to ruin our nation?  No thanks. One term was enough to break the legs of our economy.

“The urge of the Left to surrender choice and self-government for illusion, to insist upon Statism and Government rule, rather than a Government of Service, is a rejection of the lesson of Exodus.
For it is obvious to the meanest intellect that the Government cannot make cars, health care, industry in general, better than would individual human beings not only interested in but inexorably tied to the outcome of such operations. The endorsement of the Socialist, Statist system, then is not a desire for more and better goods and services, but a surrender of this desire in return for an obviation of the necessity of personal choice. It is a regression not to the tribe, but to the herd.”
From the chapter titled The Red Sea

“…the change which Obama’s rhetoric referred to preceded and will follow him, accelerated by and his policies, accepted by a drugged populace and supine press. It is unfortunate descent of a productive nation into socialism, which as I understand it, is robbing Peter to pay Paul. I don’t think it’s any more complex than that.” From the chapter titled Choice.

Both selections:

David Mamet, The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of the American Culture, 2011

Sarah Palin’s ‘Undefeated’ Doc Sets World Premiere for Tuesday in Iowa

“What would make a celebrity, like you saw on screen, so hate someone that they’d seek their destruction, their death, the death of their children? What would make someone be so full of hate and, I guess, a sense of being threatened that they would want to see that person destroyed?”

The movie begins with Sen. John McCain introducing his running mate, then quickly cuts to theHollywoodsign, and the music turns ominous. A TV news anchor says, “Hollywoodhas a new favorite pastime: taking aim at Sarah Palin.”

Then the celebrity montage begins: Damon likens Palin to a “really bad Disney movie” and says she’s “really scary”; Letterman attacks her, and the discourse descends in to the filthy from there. Maher insults her on his TV show, Madonna screams obscenities about her while on stage, and comedians use graphic, severely bleeped language to describe Palin and the intensity with which they “hate her.”

VIDEO: New Sarah Palin Documentary Emerges



Friday Night Beer Summit

I’ve decided that a Friday night beer summit must be held in order to reconcile the great divides developing in our Great Society. I will invite the following people:

The Un-Right Reverends:
Jesse Jackson
Al Sharpton
Jeremiah Wright

The Absent-Minded Professor:
Henry Louis Gates Jr.

The Oedipal Mocker:
Bill Maher

The Uber Radical:
William Ayers

The Potty-Mouth:
Rahm Emmanuel

The Divine Ms. O:
Oprah Winfrey

The Appeaser:
Colin Powell

The Plumber:

The Voice in the Wilderness
Glenn Beck

The North Star:
Sarah Palin

The Pulitzer Prize Winner:
Charles Krauthammer

The Iron Lady, Part 2
Ann Coulter

The Economist:
Dr. Walter E. Williams

The Juris Doctor:
Mrs. Virginia Lamp Thomas

Don’t worry. I will be there to moderate. (I won’t be wearing a tie, though. My sleeves will be rolled up.) Miller High Life beer and soft pretzels will be served. (Hard pretzels may end up hurting someone in the event of a melee.)

The Venue: We will meet in the front yard of my apartment building. (I live in a building that houses Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, an Englishman and a welfare conditioned alcoholic.)
There will be name tags.

The summit will begin with an icebreaker: everyone will tell their names, their backgrounds and say one thing about them that we don’t know. They will also tell us their favorite flavor of ice cream.

After intros, we will play Uno at four card tables (no race cards will be allowed!) Once a winner is decided at each table I will re-divide the group into new foursomes for Twister. After playing Twister, a rousing game of charades will be played based on Charles Dicken’s characters. The winning team members will each receive a signed copy of the US Constitution.

As the evening winds down, the guests will be treated to a reading of Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” while Yanni plays in the background.

Let the Friday Night Smack Down begin

First Lady Swap

From “Families are swapping wives right now for a whole new season of Wife Swap on ABC.”

Here is a wife swap I’d like to see: Michelle Obama with Sarah Palin!

Being Vanity Fair?

I read Vanity Fair magazine (VF) because it contains articles that interest me: art, fashion, finances, society, culture, short biographies and general hob-nobbing. I understood from the beginning that VF is left leaning magazine. The readers of VF may believe that conservatism is too staid, too un-Pop-culture-ish and too unchanging and therefore too uninteresting for their tastes. (I prefer The New Criterion magazine. It better suits my conservative palette anyway. According to The New Criterion’s opening editorial The New Criterion magazine was created to combat “the insidious assault on the mind that was one of the most repulsive features of the radical movement of the sixties.” The New ‘arrow’ hits the old mark.)
Before getting on the train yesterday, I purchased a copy of the October 2010 issue of Vanity Fair. Therein, Graydon Carter in his Editor’s Letter, titled America the Angry wrote:
“…We are now defined more by what we don’t like than what we do like. And the list of what we don’t like is getting longer.” He goes to list his observations of what he believes everyone must hate. He then he says “We even have a cable network devoted to solely to anger and hate: it’s called Fox News. In the same letter, Carter goes on to talk about Rupert Murdoch (the owner of Fox News) and about Murdoch’s‘war’ with the very liberal New York Times owned by Sulzberger family.
I am unabashedly a conservative with a libertarian streak. I listen to Fox News daily. I listen to Fox Business network and Neal Cavuto. I listen to the Fox newscasts and I listen to the opinion shows. I listen to Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Greta van Sustern and Judge Napolitano on a regular basis. I have never heard anything that could be construed as hate. Never. Carter’s words are slanderous and uniformed in nature.
I have listened to Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck become angry at what is happening to America. America is being sold a bill of Progressive ‘goods’ that will destroy our country from the inside. The progressive bill of goods is packaged as high brow good will offered to the lower classes. I am angry about this, too. America is about equal opportunity and not about equal outcomes. America is about “One Nation Under God”, not about One Nation Under Socialism.
Being angry and hating are two separate things in the regular world. What I see on Fox News is anything but hate. Apparently Mr. Carter (and many others in the main stream media) had never watched Fox news. Fox News is the largest cable news channel out there. Perhaps there is some envy coupled with anger and hatred being projected on to Fox news. I don’t doubt it.
Featured in the same Vanity Fair issue is a typical ‘thrown-from-the-left’ pejorative punch at Sarah Palin: 

Sarah Palin: The Sound and The Fury (Smears, lies and Big Speaking Fees, Inside Sarah Palin Inc.) written by Michael Joseph Gross. The article is petty. What else could you expect?  Nothing comes from nothing.

I am always astounded when the left’s bigotry and smugness is hailed as intellectualism.

Vanity Fair, if you want to write about hate and anger then look to the left. There you will see the black liberation salvation messenger Jeremiah Wright. Look at the NAACP. Look at the Black Panthers. Look at MSMBC and Chris Matthews. Look at Rachel Maddow. Look at the angry homosexuals spewing their hate on those they denounce as “homophobic”. If you seek you will find.
At this point in time, the left has moved so far to the left that they stand on nothing and for nothing. Bloated satire keeps them afloat, but only for the moment. The Sound and the Fury of Vanity dissipates quickly from a hot air balloon.