Clinging to my Guns and My Religion…

…But Never to Obama

 Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot my new handgun at a gun range.

 Wearing “ears” and safety glasses I shot my Sig Sauer P250 at a paper target. From the photos you can tell that I need the practice.  I had two “hits” out of twenty shots taken. I wanted to shoot off more rounds but there is a shortage of 9mm ammo ~ at least until this summer.

 As a kid I had fired .22 gauge rifles so I was somewhat ready for this experience.  Being as this is the first time I shot a handgun I did OK.   The owner of the range asked me how I did when walked out to the front counter. I showed him the target (see below). He smiled. He said that I tended to pull the gun because I anticipated the explosive force ~ the POP! ~ that snaps from the gun.  I just needed to relax, take a deep breath and try not to jerk the trigger.  I was overwhelmed at first by the explosive sounds of guns going off all around me but I became used to it. I also got used to my bullet casings flying back at me. There was a lot to take in but I handled my fears.

 I purchased a hand gun because I live alone.  I need protection.  The Second Amendment gives me the right to own a gun to protect myself.  This protection includes protection from the tyranny of government, the tyranny of overreach. 

 Ownership of a gun demands self-control. It demands that the owner respect the lethal weapon and use it only when life is threatened or for sport. I wish people would use their First Amendment right with self-discipline as well.

 People generally dislike or hate what they do know.  I wanted to know what it means to fire a gun.  I do not want to live waiting for Obama’s government to save me.  This was a good learning experience for me that will go on adding a sober dimension to my life.

 Obama and Democrats mock and demonize people like me ~ people who own guns and believe in God.  I went to church again today because I continue to miss the mark of Christ~likeness.  In fact the word for sin in the Bible is harmartia ~ missing the mark.

Others hate because it is in their nature to revile.  Here is Obama, the Divider-In-Chief, talking down his nose with disdain at everyday Americans who own guns and go to church:

Gun practise Saint Mary's Park 024

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