Finger Pointing Ideologues like Soft Targets

finger pointing ideologue

“A fanatic is one who entrenches himself in invincible ignorance.” Oswald Chambers


Holster That Finger Obama  Obama finger gun5

The recent messaging out of the White House is that “gun violence” was behind the massacre in San Bernardino, Ca. This verbal smokescreen is notable in its attempt to obscure the truth. What should have been said by the White House: “This Bloodshed was caused by Islamists acting out Quran 8:12”.

Quran 8:12“I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

As you can read, these words are not spiritual “rah-rahs” to foster a closer relationship with Allah (unless Allah is demanding your sacrificial death in the process!). No, these words were written to inflame hearts to do battle against infidels in a certain battle.

Enter Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, two modern day warriors of Islam. Farook and Malik took these inflammatory words out of context, loaded them with vengeance and directed them against soft target gun-free ‘infidels’ gathered for a party in California. A cache of guns, ammunition, pipe bombs and Qurans would be their means to carry out the call to violence stated in Quran 8:12. It was this ‘scripture’ that had been loaded into the psyches of Farook and Malik. It was this ‘scripture’ and a personal commitment to Jihad that destroyed truth and love before any trigger was pulled.

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The recent messaging out of the White House is that “gun violence” was behind the massacre in San Bernardino, Ca. Obama, using his personal commitment to “radical transformation”, took his words out of the San Bernardino massacre context, loaded them with guile and then finger-pointed not at the intents and motives of fanatical mass murdering Islamists.  Rather, Obama finger-pointed at his projected political enemies – the ‘infidel’ citizens of the Second Amendment endowed and the “bitter clingers”… the soft targets not willing to be sitting ducks.  Obama finger gun4


Whether it’s wealth or blame or guns, Obama is the Redistributor-in-Chief:

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Clinging to my Guns and My Religion…

…But Never to Obama

 Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot my new handgun at a gun range.

 Wearing “ears” and safety glasses I shot my Sig Sauer P250 at a paper target. From the photos you can tell that I need the practice.  I had two “hits” out of twenty shots taken. I wanted to shoot off more rounds but there is a shortage of 9mm ammo ~ at least until this summer.

 As a kid I had fired .22 gauge rifles so I was somewhat ready for this experience.  Being as this is the first time I shot a handgun I did OK.   The owner of the range asked me how I did when walked out to the front counter. I showed him the target (see below). He smiled. He said that I tended to pull the gun because I anticipated the explosive force ~ the POP! ~ that snaps from the gun.  I just needed to relax, take a deep breath and try not to jerk the trigger.  I was overwhelmed at first by the explosive sounds of guns going off all around me but I became used to it. I also got used to my bullet casings flying back at me. There was a lot to take in but I handled my fears.

 I purchased a hand gun because I live alone.  I need protection.  The Second Amendment gives me the right to own a gun to protect myself.  This protection includes protection from the tyranny of government, the tyranny of overreach. 

 Ownership of a gun demands self-control. It demands that the owner respect the lethal weapon and use it only when life is threatened or for sport. I wish people would use their First Amendment right with self-discipline as well.

 People generally dislike or hate what they do know.  I wanted to know what it means to fire a gun.  I do not want to live waiting for Obama’s government to save me.  This was a good learning experience for me that will go on adding a sober dimension to my life.

 Obama and Democrats mock and demonize people like me ~ people who own guns and believe in God.  I went to church again today because I continue to miss the mark of Christ~likeness.  In fact the word for sin in the Bible is harmartia ~ missing the mark.

Others hate because it is in their nature to revile.  Here is Obama, the Divider-In-Chief, talking down his nose with disdain at everyday Americans who own guns and go to church:

Gun practise Saint Mary's Park 024

Dan Bongino, Guns Across America