A Million Ways to Die Democratically in the West

The ‘settled science’ cabal wants you to know that they are no longer seeking truth. They have shut their minds to any further information. Nothing you can say will change their mind. They have become frozen consciousness ideological and hell bent on making you desire their brain freeze.

"Brain Freeze" by Herschel Fall

“Brain Freeze” by Herschel Fall

Then there are The Children of this generation – the Millennials and some adults. As products of the psych community (via therapy and/or public school) they have lost the ability to discern right from wrong, good from bad. Melancholia is their porridge.

And my friends, there are too many self-disenfranchising, self-marginalizing groups – LGBT, #BlackLivesMatter, etc. – to name all of them here and now. Suffice it to say that all of the above have used the following methods in one form or another:

A Million Ways to Die Democratically in the West or How to close the American mind:

See no truth, hear no truth: Avoid discussion, debate and dissension. Become myopic and bent inward. Demand that others change to your liking and Now!

Acknowledge nothing, deny everything, be dismissive.  Case in point: Hillary Clinton, her personal server, classified intel exposed and political deniability. She may become president and then you die democratically. But anyway, “What difference at this point does it make!”

Do not confront and name evil. Use framing and PC language to synthesize evil with good; make all values equal. Make a “What difference at this point does it make!” judgment.

Demand that academia be a means for job security and not a place that fosters theoretical reasoning or knowledge.

Use academia as your second day care center.

Blame academia for your shortcomings. A mind is a terrible thing to pay for.  blame academia

Expect academia to be a confirmation of you. Look for self-affirming cliques.

See academics not as a means for intellectual pursuit but for social networking where your social sensitivities can be honed into razor sharpness.

Forget history. It’s not relevant to current self-projection.

Forget tradition. It’s not relevant to current self-projection.

Forget the Constitution. The guys who wrote it do not understand me or the emo involved in me. A SCOTUS justice will award me dignity anyway.

Democratize morals into relativistic goo. Use your group narcissism as a voter block to destroy others not included in your ethos.

Use ‘settled science’ to block all further discussion. Call all non-believers “deniers”.

Boycott, Divest and Sanction.   Exclude others from the conversation; force your will onto ‘others’. Call your apartheid stance a means to a righteous end.

Go to the psych community for help and come out with your hard drive scrubbed of values.

Do not read a book. Besides, you don’t need to burn books if no one reads them. And that will make you look less controlling.

Avoid the Bible. Read Vox and POLITICO and Sojourners so that you can share in the Collective’s hubris.

Base all your thinking on what mother TV is telling you.

Avoid deep thought and reflection at all costs. Keep your e-device on at all times. Twitter your life away. You need to be heard.

Choose a self-marginalizing motif for your life to gain a politician’s notice.

Become an SPLC “hate watcher” so you decide who’s in the conversation and who is out. See this form of segregation not as a form of apartheid.  Rather see this as a form of socially sensitive police action.

Avoid silence at all costs. You might realize you have a soul.

See government as a parent and never grow up.

Be heartfelt and anti-intellectual. Your ignorance is as good as someone’s knowledge in a democracy. (Isaac Asimov, paraphrased)

See beauty, not as intrinsic to God’s creation, but only skin deep.

Wait for Godot.

Read stream of consciousness literature.

Exercise sexual proclivities at all times.

Refuse moral courage at all times. See it as moral weakness.

Preamble and postscript your life with folly.

Listen to popular music, nothing else. An empty mind is one that can be filled with all the nuances of self.

See art as a pile of shit sitting atop a figure of Jesus. Laugh at Larry David’s tripe.

Do not choose reason. Leverage feelings every time. Enjoy the scream while you can.

Edvard Munch "The Scream"

Edvard Munch “The Scream”

Decide that God is judgmental and that you are inclusive. God doesn’t know what you know.

Become insular in your thinking. Shut out the light of day. Avoid criticism.

Don’t feed your soul. Tell God that He doesn’t exist and that you are always in control of things.

Find someone in the media who always tells you what you want to hear.

Close your eyes to your blessings and look at what others have; spend your life crying and whining about not having what overs have. Karl Marx did this. Why not you? Materialism is meaning. Right?

Ignore the Bible. Truth is what your friends let you get away with anyway (Richard Rorty).

And lastly, and not quite at the million mark, make sure that someone else is responsible for your life!

This list is not exhaustive and not a million ways to… but its Sunday and I have to call my mother.


open mind closed mind

Be Truth Seeker.

An opened mind does not mean you allow things to stay which are unworthy. Here’s where discernment comes in. Discern what is good and kick out what is not – with God’s help.

Pray for wisdom, knowledge and good understanding. That is what my godly mother taught me and this advice has never failed me during the unfolding of my life.

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