The Evolving Permanence Needs Your TLC

tomato plant“…for anyone who is concerned about the survival of culture, there are some important lessons in the armory of cultural instructions accompanying a humble tomato plant.  Perhaps the chief lesson has to do with time and continuity, the evolving permanence that cultural animi no less than agricultural cultivation requires if it is to be successful. All those tips, habits, prohibitions, and necessities that have been accumulated from time out of mind and passed down, generation after generation:  How much in our society militates against such antidotes to anarchy and decay!”  Roger Kimball’s Fortunes of Permanence:  Culture in the Age of Amnesia


“…once we recognize the deep-rooted Epicureanism of much of Western culture, our vocation as Christian thinkers is not to make an easy, compromising peace with it but to discern how to restate and reinhabit a genuinely Christian worldview in its place.”  N.T. Wright’s Surprised By Scripture


“And oftentimes, to win us to our harm,

The instruments of darkness tell us truths,

Win us with honest trifles, to betray’s

In deepest consequence.”

Banquo, Act 1, Scene 3, Shakespeare’s Macbeth


You can’t help but notice that it is tax time again.  If you have any income at all then taxes are due.  If you have made more than a little income then you owe, progressively owe, unrelentingly owe. And make sure you pay through the nose for health care so you don’t have to pay through the nose for a tax penalty.  Thank you Democrats and SCOTUS for winning Americans “to our harm”.   tax forms.png

I finished my taxes.  Again, I find myself supporting that half of the nation that is not paying taxes – you know, the Queer studies students, the #Blacklivesmatter street walkers and so on.  Bernie Sanders, an avowed Socialist wants me to be shamed into paying more taxes so he can give away free stuff to more freeloaders. The Millennials are gaga over Bernie.  But they should know:  formerly socialist countries have already felt the Bern – the fires of riots. See Greece.

My 86-year-old mother is still paying taxes!  I volunteered to do her Fed and State returns this year.  Now, my mother receives an annuity. To figure her taxes I had to print out reams of IRS publications just to figure the amount due! America is forms on top of forms.

Comfortble truthsThe currently leading candidates from each party are both being investigated.  Hillary is being scrutinized by the FBI on felony charges related to her illegal use of a personal computer while in the State Dept. If AG Lynch does her job, then Hillary will be indicted and likely sent to prison.  But AG Lynch is an in-the-bag Democrat who thinks in political terms first, the people last.

Trump is being investigated on fraud charges related to Trump U. What are Trump supporters thinking? Didn’t they get enough Bernie Madoff? “Win us with honest trifles, to betray’s in deepest consequence.”  trump faces

So you are aware, I have never have voted for a Democrat in my life. I cannot in good conscience vote for a party platform that supports abortion and the party of the KKK or the party that booed God at their last convention or the party of big government and ever bigger tax increases.  It is no lie that Democrats do not support economic growth.  They will support redistribution by taxation until your money runs out.

Frederic Bastiat QuoteBefore you listen to the video of Ted Cruz, let me say that life in a republic requires your attention, your critical thinking and your tender loving care. Your vote must carefully tend the “evolving permanence”. Your vote must militate against “anarchy and decay.”

That is the reason I am voting for Ted Cruz.  Ted cruz supports

The Supreme Court.  The revered Justice Scalia recently passed. An offshoot of the same hardy, resilient, weather resistant genes must be grafted onto the court. And, not only must Scalia’s position be filled but Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s court seat will likely become vacant this next term.

“Sustainability” is an oft heard word these days. If you care about this republic, where freedom grows like nowhere else in the world, then…Ted Cruz is your caretaker.

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