Feet First


On January 17th, 2017, the world will witness a peaceful transition of power in the United States of America.  And though our country is deeply divided by partisan conflicts there will be not be a violent overthrow of the government or a military takeover such as a coup d’etat. There will not be a slaughter of the innocents by those who embody the Satan. At least, that has been my experience.


Just over 2000 years ago there was another peaceful transition of power and one not brought about by a popular vote of Jews, Greeks or Romans. Instead, the “electoral college” of Father, Son and Holy Spirit decided that a king would be born. The Creator Word would become a flesh tabernacle and dwell among his creation for some thirty years to inaugurate his Kingdom – a kingdom where heaven and earth would be forever co-joined.

Like the workings of dominions and powers throughout history, much of politics today is about gaining power and control over others and then maintaining power and control over others.

But how did the King of the Glory display his power and control?

In this day of the ubiquitous media’s hyperbolic promotion of self-promoting individuals and ego polishing and reality TV narcissism and take-it-to-the-streets identity politics there is One who has transitioned from power and glory… to washing the feet of others.

No one, especially the Jews in Jesus’ time expected a foot washer Messiah. They expected a takeover guy who would abolish Roman rule by force.  That was what Judas the revolutionary wanted and thought he “had” in Jesus. But instead, Jesus washed Judas’ feet along with the other disciples. That act was certainly not the macho response expected by angry unsettled Jews like Judas.

Jesus, as a witness of all that his father is and does, revealed to the world God’s “definition” of power and of love and of truth. In a peaceful transition of power, the holy and invisible Creator God became visible in Christ by emptying himself of his glory and power. Jesus submitted himself to the father and to his creation by taking on the form of a servant. This transition is not something anyone on earth expected to happen. Consider this:

Remember what God said to Moses: “Do not come any closer,” God said. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” -Pentateuch, Exodus 3:5

Fast Forward: “Jesus knew that the Father had given everything into his hands, and that he had come from God and was going to God. So, he got up from the supper-table, took off his clothes, and wrapped a towel around himself. Then he poured water into a bowl and began to wash the disciples’ feet and to wipe them with the towel he was wrapped in.” -The Gospel of John 13


Followers of the Way:

“This is how you should think among yourselves – with the mind that you have because you belong to the Messiah, Jesus:


Who, though in God’s form, did not

Regard his equality with God

As something he ought to exploit.


Instead, he emptied himself,

And received the form of a slave,

Being born in the likeness of humans.


And then, having human appearance,

He humbled himself, and became

Obedient to death,


Yes, even the death of the cross.

And so God has greatly exalted him,

And to him in his favor has given


The name which is over all names:

That now at the name of Jesus

Ever knee within heaven shall bow –


On earth, too, and under heaven;

And every tongue confess

That Jesus, Messiah, is Lord,

To the glory of God, the father.”


Ancient church hymn as recorded in the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippian church, chapter 2

And May the Holy Temple Be Rebuilt:

My Party Was Gone


The wise fear the Lord and shun evil, but a fool is hotheaded and yet feels secure. -Proverbs 14:16


As a fiscal and social and small government conservative who was once a Republican and never a Democrat I consider myself, a voting citizen, to be a Christian Libertarian. As such, I desire freedom for myself and for others to make educated tradeoffs rather than to be coerced by top down government provisos telling me what I must do with my wealth, my health, etc. Self-government is my way of life within in the constraint of the rule of law and within my own Christian-Holy Spirit directed- convictions. The truth is, I am free in Christ no matter who is in power. And, my vote is a prayer:

“…May your kingdom come,

May your will be done

As in heaven, so on earth…”

As a Conservative, I consider our Constitution and the rule of law to be foundational to a well-functioning society. Agreed upon laws derived out of the desire for the common good – decency, justice, order, etc. -should be imposed upon our society.  Yet, I do not support laws (and proposed laws and regulations) which are onerous and that are used to subjugate me to the will, of say, Progressives who advocate for what they consider true and just within their relativist and irrational worldview. Case in point: I am being told by President Obama, his science advisor John Holdren and Attorney General Loretta Lynch that manmade climate change is true and it will destroy the planet and therefore I must believe it is true because they are in a position of power and I must submit to their demands on my intellect and wealth, etc. or be denounced as a “denier” by the state with punishment to be determined.


Now, when I hear about Millennials wanting “Democratic Socialism” I am shocked at their lack of knowledge about history and of socialism’s dehumanizing swath of destruction through the last century. I am also shocked that anyone would give up their freedom for hand-to-mouth dependence economics. It’s as if your participation in laziness deserves a trophy.


Currently there are two candidates who are morally and ethically unfit for the office of President.  One of the candidates could easily be impeached once in office for seditious acts and crimes against this country. The other candidate is so obnoxious and bigoted and jejune that he makes a mockery of American values. Both candidates are self-serving and power-seeking. Hillary Clinton is a member of the Ruling Class and Trump is a wannabe member of the Ruling Class. (Ruling Class defined >here.)

After eight years of the worst presidency in the history of the United States and its administration’s destructive “Fundamental Transformation” of America, feckless and divisive Obama has left the U.S. worse off racially, economically, politically, and on and on, then when he entered office.  Consider just one of the transmissible malignancies spread by Obama’s Frankenstein monster, “Fundamental Transformation”:  the national debt has doubled.  What did you get for that huge increase in your children’s and grandchildren’s debt burden? Someone got the money that half the nation worked so hard for. Little wonder that voters are angry – there has been no return on their “investment”, only look-down-their nose snark from Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren: “you didn’t build that.”


It must be said: we need someone in the office of president who will not demean, deface or destroy America with their pettiness, their lawlessness and their desire for power.


My party is gone. My candidate is gone. I voted for Ted Cruz in the primaries.  This Tuesday I will write in Evan McMullin for President and Mindy Finn for Vice President. There is much to commend both Evan and Mindy. Evan knows foreign policy inside out. He is unabashedly a conservative. Please read the link to see their qualifications. Evan and Mindy can be written in on the ballot in most states.

As mentioned above, I am free in Christ no matter what because…the gospel – “Jesus is Lord” – means that whatever happens will be subject to his lordship. I have my vocation to get on with…

“All authority in heaven and earth, “Jesus said, “has been given to me! So, you must go and make all nations into disciples. Baptize them in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit. Teach them to observe everything I have commanded you. And look: I am with you, every single day, to the end of the age.” – Matthew’s gospel 28 v. 18-20



One “BIGLY” Reason I Am Voting for @EvanMcMullin

Democrats/Progressives are virtue signalers bar none. They will pull the lever for the Democratic ticket signaling their big-hearted desire to change the world for better. They, of course, have no problem making someone else pay the price -another’s money, liberty and even religious rights – for their self-righteous blush on election day.

The Evolving Permanence Needs Your TLC

tomato plant“…for anyone who is concerned about the survival of culture, there are some important lessons in the armory of cultural instructions accompanying a humble tomato plant.  Perhaps the chief lesson has to do with time and continuity, the evolving permanence that cultural animi no less than agricultural cultivation requires if it is to be successful. All those tips, habits, prohibitions, and necessities that have been accumulated from time out of mind and passed down, generation after generation:  How much in our society militates against such antidotes to anarchy and decay!”  Roger Kimball’s Fortunes of Permanence:  Culture in the Age of Amnesia


“…once we recognize the deep-rooted Epicureanism of much of Western culture, our vocation as Christian thinkers is not to make an easy, compromising peace with it but to discern how to restate and reinhabit a genuinely Christian worldview in its place.”  N.T. Wright’s Surprised By Scripture


“And oftentimes, to win us to our harm,

The instruments of darkness tell us truths,

Win us with honest trifles, to betray’s

In deepest consequence.”

Banquo, Act 1, Scene 3, Shakespeare’s Macbeth


You can’t help but notice that it is tax time again.  If you have any income at all then taxes are due.  If you have made more than a little income then you owe, progressively owe, unrelentingly owe. And make sure you pay through the nose for health care so you don’t have to pay through the nose for a tax penalty.  Thank you Democrats and SCOTUS for winning Americans “to our harm”.   tax forms.png

I finished my taxes.  Again, I find myself supporting that half of the nation that is not paying taxes – you know, the Queer studies students, the #Blacklivesmatter street walkers and so on.  Bernie Sanders, an avowed Socialist wants me to be shamed into paying more taxes so he can give away free stuff to more freeloaders. The Millennials are gaga over Bernie.  But they should know:  formerly socialist countries have already felt the Bern – the fires of riots. See Greece.

My 86-year-old mother is still paying taxes!  I volunteered to do her Fed and State returns this year.  Now, my mother receives an annuity. To figure her taxes I had to print out reams of IRS publications just to figure the amount due! America is forms on top of forms.

Comfortble truthsThe currently leading candidates from each party are both being investigated.  Hillary is being scrutinized by the FBI on felony charges related to her illegal use of a personal computer while in the State Dept. If AG Lynch does her job, then Hillary will be indicted and likely sent to prison.  But AG Lynch is an in-the-bag Democrat who thinks in political terms first, the people last.

Trump is being investigated on fraud charges related to Trump U. What are Trump supporters thinking? Didn’t they get enough Bernie Madoff? “Win us with honest trifles, to betray’s in deepest consequence.”  trump faces

So you are aware, I have never have voted for a Democrat in my life. I cannot in good conscience vote for a party platform that supports abortion and the party of the KKK or the party that booed God at their last convention or the party of big government and ever bigger tax increases.  It is no lie that Democrats do not support economic growth.  They will support redistribution by taxation until your money runs out.

Frederic Bastiat QuoteBefore you listen to the video of Ted Cruz, let me say that life in a republic requires your attention, your critical thinking and your tender loving care. Your vote must carefully tend the “evolving permanence”. Your vote must militate against “anarchy and decay.”

That is the reason I am voting for Ted Cruz.  Ted cruz supports

The Supreme Court.  The revered Justice Scalia recently passed. An offshoot of the same hardy, resilient, weather resistant genes must be grafted onto the court. And, not only must Scalia’s position be filled but Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s court seat will likely become vacant this next term.

“Sustainability” is an oft heard word these days. If you care about this republic, where freedom grows like nowhere else in the world, then…Ted Cruz is your caretaker.

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