Obama is Muslim – The Koran Tells Me So

Christians will, no matter what, encounter evil in all its malignant and dressed-up forms.

Being in the Kingdom of God we are commanded to “not be overcome with evil but to overcome evil with good.” We are also commanded to “pray for those in authority over us.” We must pray for our President. How can we pray for him? See below.

Evil: Here is a profile of our current President by those who have known him and have researched Barry Soetoro’s life. You’ll understand why he wants you to “Lean Forward.”

Obama: Marxist, homosexual, druggie, liar, Mack daddy, closely associated with Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers, in other words, Obama is a “SOJO Progressive” who is willfully filled with the spirit of anti-Christ.

Have you noticed that lawlessness has increased under Obama, as well as, race, class and religious division? In our country there is now more hatred, division, aggression and microaggression (‘hurt feelings’) – all the shaping tools of the Evil One. But then, you decide and pray:



Obama is Muslim – The Koran Tells Me So – Under the pretext of being a “Social~Justice Progressive”…

Obama has Muslim roots. 

Obama’s Islam brings with it misogyny ~war against women, accepting look-the-other-way jihad (Ft Hood massacre), surrender of our nation to Sharia Law and the disrespect, even hatred, of Jews, Christians and the Judeo-Christian tradition/rule of law.For atheists, Obama’s Islam also makes you infidels.

 Who would finance Barry’s education?  His political life?  Only someone who knew the race card was playable.  George Soros?

 Dinesh D’souza Analyzes His Predictions from “2016: Obama’s America”


It is NO lie that Obama lies. See below:  “What can I tell you?”



Apotheosis: “Laying Aside” Yourself for the Gospel – Saeed Abedini

Remember the Scripture’s account of the boy Samuel from 1 Samuel Chapter 3?

One night after young Samuel had gone to bed, he heard a voice calling his name. Quickly he ran to Eli’s side, saying, “Here am I; for you called me.”

“I called not,” Eli responded; “lie down again.”

Samuel obeyed Eli and returned to his bed. When he lay down again, he heard the same voice call his name.

Samuel hurried back to Eli’s side, but Eli again denied calling him. Puzzled, Samuel returned to his room. A third time he clearly heard his name called, and again he returned to Eli.

This time Eli realized that it must be the Lord who was calling Samuel. He said, “Go and lie down, and if he calls you, say, ‘Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.’”

Samuel returned to bed and waited. Once more the Lord came and called, “Samuel, Samuel.”

This time Samuel responded, “Speak, for your servant is listening.”

The Lord then told Samuel that because Eli’s sons were disobedient and because Eli did not control them, they would be punished and Samuel would become the new prophet.

Because of his diligence and obedience, Samuel continued to learn and grow. The Lord was with him, and all Israel knew that Samuel had been called to be a prophet of the Lord. (emphasis mine)

Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy | Christian News on Christian Today

Here is something you won’t hear about in the Main Stream Media:

Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy | Christian News on Christian Today.