Profiling of a President

As you compare these videos don’t forget that we “bitter clingers of our religion and guns” and Tea Party members were also profiled by Obama, his administration, the DOJ and the IRS, as were the JP Morgan/Chases of the world for doing what the Dems (Barney Frank at the forefront) wanted done ~ mortgaging homes for people who cannot afford them.

Compare these videos:

Barack Obama: I Can See Immigrants Here ‘Just by Looking at Their Faces’ – November 26, 2013

Obama on AZ Immigration Law (based on appearance?)

with this video:

Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) doesn’t know what an “illegal immigrant” looks

The “Hate Watchers”

The “Hate Watchers”

Harbingers of exclusion, the “Hate Watchers.”

“Hate Watchers” stew alone, churning inside

Along fault lines long ago buried,


Projection spews ad hominem, ad hominem miasma,

miasma a lethal dose.

The “other” succumbs under the gaze of the elect,

The “Hate Watchers.”

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