Outside the Beltway BO(X)

The word “hope”, used by BO in his pre-election audacity tale, has come to mean something completely opposite by its adjunct use in the current administration.  The four letter word is now used to flip-off hard-working Americans: ”HOPE OFF.”  (The video shows you the insufferable superior mindset of a progressive.)

It would be an audacious concept for the current Democratic administration and congress to stop spending money that we as a nation do not have. Government does not create wealth. Government does not earn money (simple interest at best) nor does it operate to maintain a profit. Our government does not operate within a balanced budget. Our government only spends, spends, and spends your hard-earned money. Unbelievably, there are people who continue to vote for these spenders, spenders who ‘buy’ the voter what they want at the moment. There are people who vote for spenders, spenders who continually waterboard the American people with debt.

Clearly, if I were to spend money like the government does then I would be hauled into bankruptcy court and there would be no leniency whatsoever. If my spending was not controlled and budgeted to what I can pay for then I would be held accountable. Yet, there are people who continue to vote for people who spend hard-earned tax money in an out-of-control manner, day in and day out.

If the current administration wanted to spur the economy onward and upward, if it wanted to recover the American Dream machine then several courageous steps have to be taken. First, the spending must stop now. A balanced budget amendment must be passed. And, no more ‘stim’ money should be handed out (aka, buying votes for the 2010 elections:  the teacher’s union, UPS ,SEIU. etc.).

What must also happen is that payroll taxes must be cut for the next year and the Bush Tax cuts must remain forever in place and in place all across the range of incomes. Also, the corporate income tax rate must be lowered immediately to encourage businesses to grow and expand, thereby providing jobs. Doing these things will restore the marketplace and the economy. Doing these things will recover the American Dream. Government does not provide growth. Only business and free market enterprise can create growth. Without a doubt, not doing the above mentioned things will bring about the ruin of this nation. Lockstep with US government spending is the emerging American Nightmare: the ball and chain of debt and the slavery that comes with it.

Hope is not a feel-good topic in some schmaltzy campaign book written by some smarmy candidate. And, there is no audacity to hoping. Hope is part and parcel of the American Spirit. It does take audacity, though, to make the right choices for yourself and for others and to do it while you are able.

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