Being Vanity Fair?

I read Vanity Fair magazine (VF) because it contains articles that interest me: art, fashion, finances, society, culture, short biographies and general hob-nobbing. I understood from the beginning that VF is left leaning magazine. The readers of VF may believe that conservatism is too staid, too un-Pop-culture-ish and too unchanging and therefore too uninteresting for their tastes. (I prefer The New Criterion magazine. It better suits my conservative palette anyway. According to The New Criterion’s opening editorial The New Criterion magazine was created to combat “the insidious assault on the mind that was one of the most repulsive features of the radical movement of the sixties.” The New ‘arrow’ hits the old mark.)
Before getting on the train yesterday, I purchased a copy of the October 2010 issue of Vanity Fair. Therein, Graydon Carter in his Editor’s Letter, titled America the Angry wrote:
“…We are now defined more by what we don’t like than what we do like. And the list of what we don’t like is getting longer.” He goes to list his observations of what he believes everyone must hate. He then he says “We even have a cable network devoted to solely to anger and hate: it’s called Fox News. In the same letter, Carter goes on to talk about Rupert Murdoch (the owner of Fox News) and about Murdoch’s‘war’ with the very liberal New York Times owned by Sulzberger family.
I am unabashedly a conservative with a libertarian streak. I listen to Fox News daily. I listen to Fox Business network and Neal Cavuto. I listen to the Fox newscasts and I listen to the opinion shows. I listen to Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Greta van Sustern and Judge Napolitano on a regular basis. I have never heard anything that could be construed as hate. Never. Carter’s words are slanderous and uniformed in nature.
I have listened to Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck become angry at what is happening to America. America is being sold a bill of Progressive ‘goods’ that will destroy our country from the inside. The progressive bill of goods is packaged as high brow good will offered to the lower classes. I am angry about this, too. America is about equal opportunity and not about equal outcomes. America is about “One Nation Under God”, not about One Nation Under Socialism.
Being angry and hating are two separate things in the regular world. What I see on Fox News is anything but hate. Apparently Mr. Carter (and many others in the main stream media) had never watched Fox news. Fox News is the largest cable news channel out there. Perhaps there is some envy coupled with anger and hatred being projected on to Fox news. I don’t doubt it.
Featured in the same Vanity Fair issue is a typical ‘thrown-from-the-left’ pejorative punch at Sarah Palin: 

Sarah Palin: The Sound and The Fury (Smears, lies and Big Speaking Fees, Inside Sarah Palin Inc.) written by Michael Joseph Gross. The article is petty. What else could you expect?  Nothing comes from nothing.

I am always astounded when the left’s bigotry and smugness is hailed as intellectualism.

Vanity Fair, if you want to write about hate and anger then look to the left. There you will see the black liberation salvation messenger Jeremiah Wright. Look at the NAACP. Look at the Black Panthers. Look at MSMBC and Chris Matthews. Look at Rachel Maddow. Look at the angry homosexuals spewing their hate on those they denounce as “homophobic”. If you seek you will find.
At this point in time, the left has moved so far to the left that they stand on nothing and for nothing. Bloated satire keeps them afloat, but only for the moment. The Sound and the Fury of Vanity dissipates quickly from a hot air balloon.

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