Unplug the LeFt Support

The firing Of Juan Williams from NPR is a perfect example of the liberal left’s desire to extrude public conversation into its own progressive image. NPR, for all intents and purposes, is a mouthpiece of leftist looneyologies. Being that NPR is a taxpayer-funded organization it has no business be politically leveraged one way or the other. It should be unplugged from taxpayer funds immediately.

I stopped listening to NPR years ago when I realized the liberal bent. When you have radio programs coming out of Madison WI, you know that it is liberal.

NPR should lose its taxpayer funding immediately, especially in light of the fact that George George Soros recently donated 1.8 million dollars to NPR (and also to Media Matters). With that kind of money (and lobbying influence) NPR does not require our money. NPR also requires a new moniker: WPPC (We’re Politically Politically Correct)

And, I need a new bumper sticker:

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