Don’t Do It

The phallic presidency of Obama the Virile has fallen flat: 9.1 % unemployment, a stagnant economy and a limp foreign policy.  Wage increases for these past ten years have only been 4% compared to all other ten-year periods including the Great Depression. Wage increases during the ten years of the Great Depression were 5%!

The Robin Hood rhetoric (take from the rich and give to the poor) is just more B-movie genre politics. The You-Tube generation, Labor Unions and the Sixties Leftovers who voted for Obama just want another tingle up their leg, another swami to swoon. These Percy-like (The Green Mile) liberals pee their pants whenever they face real life and death issues – issues requiring serious character strength.  Dont’ give these sissified whiners an inch. They claim a higher social consciousness* than the rest of us.  Bull sh__!  They’re just ‘higher’ than the rest of us. Don’t go for this leftist Hollywood sequel. We need real people to govern.

Obama, the Manchurian candidate under a teleprompter spell, wants to buy your vote (GM bailout, big labor favoritism, Obamacare, etc. ) as does George Soros who spent 48 million dollars to influence the media via Think Progress, Media matters and their ilk.  America don’t do it. America deserves better than the wet dream called Obama.


*Weinergate:  An up-close & personal profile of a Democrat/progressive congressman with a higher social consciousness – Anthony is just raising our social awareness up the flag pole to a whole new level.  That’s all.

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