He Is Heavy, He’s My Government

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Depends On You

The 2012 Presidential and congressional elections will be reflections of who you are.  You will be deciding whether you want to be represented as a slave under a bigger more intrusive government with its plantation inducing mentality or whether self-government and self-determination will best speak for you.  The former is easy – show up and do nothing except what the master tells you to do.  The latter requires blood, sweat and tears.

 Let me ask you straight up:  what would provide you with more self-esteem?  A government welfare check for subsistence or a check handed to you by your accountant after your company succeeded and made a profit? Or equally, a check handed to you by your employer because the company you work for succeeded to make payroll for another week because of your input? The former just pays the bills (and likely buys several lottery tickets).  The latter provides for yourself, your family, your grandchildren and much more.

 Another question:  With those same checks in hand would the person with the government welfare check be more willing to give to charity or would the person who was handed the profit-sharing dividend or a paycheck be more willing to give to charity? (A Christian would have to be the second kind of person.  King David once said, I will not offer to the Lord something that costs me nothing?”)

 You don’t have to think hard about this.  The answer is obvious to most right thinking people, the vision is clear, but it is hidden from those who vote for Obama and the Democrats.

Progressives and their “Lean Forward” campaign (funded with monies from foreigner George Soros) want the U.S. government to dole out cradle-to-grave entitlements thereby making Americans utterly reliant on the political ruling class and their condescending “we-the-government-know-what’s-good-for-you” pseudo-altruism. In reality, these two-armed bandits want more gambling revenue to throw at money laundering schemes like Solyndra.

 Thomas Sowell in his book of articles and essays The Thomas Sowell Reader describes the Big Government vision promoted by the ruling class “anointed” …

 The anointed want to eliminate stress, challenge, striving, and competition.  They want the necessities of life to be supplied as “rights” – which is to say, at the taxpayer’s expense, without anyone’s being forced to work for those necessities, except of course the taxpayers.

Nothing is to be earned.  “Self-esteem” is to be dispensed to school children as largess from the teacher.  Adults are to have their medical care and other necessities dispensed as largess from the government. People are to be mixed by race and sex and whatever else the anointed want to take into account, in order to present whatever kind of picture the anointed think should be presented.

This is the vision of human beings as livestock to be fed by the government and herded and tended by the anointed.  All the things that make us human beings are to be removed from our lives and we are to live as denatured creatures and directed by our betters. (emphasis mine)

Those things that help human beings be independent and self-reliant – whether automobiles, guns, the free market, or vouchers – provoke instant hostility from the anointed.

Below are two contrasting videos:  one video depicts a life on government programs ala The Life of Julia.  The other describes you as a self-governing self-determining free person.  I ask you, who is more empowered? You already know the answer. Vote the answer and not what the plantation’s political ruling class is promoting via the main stream media (MSNBC‘s Lean Forward Campaign, Media Matters, etc.).

 Is the future of America you holding your DMV issued health-care card and food stamps?  Or is the future of America (you and me) dependent on our own self-government and our own self-determination while holding on to our self-esteem and liberty? For a while fascism’s authoritarianism feels safe and secure but that quickly changes.  You soon become a slave or an automaton in the system. Liberty on the other hand is scary good. As I have said liberty requires responsibility on your part but liberty is supremely worth it.

Yet, if the Obama plantation feels safe, if you see yourself as dependent on the master for your life then go with that but please don’t vote to take others with you.

Others have made freedom and choice their life: 


 Thomas Sowell notes in another article, “Entitlement is just a fancy word for dependence.”

The full article here: 


Who represents you in Washington is a reflection of you.  Do you like what you see?

 Democrats and the plantation:

Independence Day:

The Obvious: Live Free or Die

Gregariously, and without mincing words into politically correct mush, Mark Steyn tells Americans what they will be in store for if our political ship is not course-corrected in 2012. (There are four parts.)

It’s Time to Cut the Crap

Get your shovels ready. 

Until we get a president in the White House and while BO is out playing with himself and passing the buck here is what I think should happen to kick-start the economy and downsize the national debt:

 1.  Stop government funding of public TV and radio immediately. I am not renouncing TV or radio.  Instead, I am saying that these communication vehicles can be funded via commercials or donations from viewers/listeners who want what they put out.

 2.  Stop government funding of the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities immediately. I am an ardent fan of all the arts (except ballet, “Twinkles Down” *on that).  Art, in all its forms, should be subsidized by those who want it.  e.g., I support my local artists by buying their original art work.

 3.  Abolish all public education within the next five years.  All schools should be privately owned and operated. Remove the NEA teacher’s unions from the classroom. The government can provide vouchers for the very poor. Aspirations are what people need to go forward and not the never-ending government hand outs.

 4.  Abolish all minimum wage laws and all other unfunded mandates immediately so people can go back to work.

 5.  Put a five-year moratorium on all EPA regulations. Then, dispose of the EPA altogether in the sixth year.

 6.  Create a personal income flat tax of across the board on two income levels. Below a yearly income of $40,000.00 (this is an arbitrary number up for discussion) the flat tax rate would be 5% (e.g., $2000.00 for a $40,000. income).  For incomes of $40, 000.00 and above the tax rate is 15% (e.g., $6000.00 for a $40000.00 income).

Simplify the tax code to one or two sentences:  “You shall pay 15 % of your income for the year XXXX” if you made $40,000.00 or more in that year.

 State Sales taxes would be tied to the previous year’s income tax paid as one-ten thousandth of what you paid in income taxes the previous year. (e.g., you made $40,000 last year.  You paid $6000.00 in taxes. You next year’s sales tax on any item is $0.60.) A card would be mailed by the government to show what your maximum sales tax would be on any item. (This amount is given that the state should no longer fund education or social programs).

 (BTW:  These are just some ideas about taxation. The tax code must be simplified.  How many tax bureaucrats does the taxpayer pay for by using the current tax code nightmare? We have to think outside the box.)

 7. Cut corporate taxes in half for three years and then abolish all corporation taxes. Corporations provide jobs and benefits for people.

 8.  Abolish all tariffs

 9.  Immediately repeal the onerous Obamacare and Dodd-Frank Acts and all over-reaching Federal and State regulations so that the economic engine of America can fire properly. Currently, Obamacare is an unfunded mandate.

 10.  Give each Congressman a six-year term and one term only.  Doing this will make the Congressman concentrate on his job and not on creating populist programs that will win him re-election while costing the taxpayer mega-dollars. Term limits would also be devastating to any lobbyist trying to buy the Congressman’s power via re-election campaign monies.

(BTW:  The only expertise that long-term Congressmen and Congresswomen receive is how to craft a re-election. Let’s not give power-hungry people more power.)

 11.  Did it say it already?  Abolish the EPA.

 12.  Privatize the mail delivery system.

 13.  End social security in five years for those under fifty.  Those people can use IRAs or 401k plans instead (These people will make more money and more secure retirement money with these financial vehicles).

 14.  Limit the use of FEMA to national security emergencies such as 9/11. People living in hazardous locations can buy flood insurance, hurricane insurance, etc or they can move to a safer location.

15. Illinois house cleaning:  remove Pat Quinn (D-governor), Dick Durbin (D-senator, his wife is a lobbyist for Government Affairs Specialists, Inc.,in Springfield!), Mike Madigan (D-speaker of the house) and Rahm Emmanuel (D-Chicago mayor) from office ASAP.Illinois has the worst credit rating in the union thanks to the tax and spend Democrats. (And, the most felonious governors)

 16. Drill our own natural resources for natural gas and oil.

17.  Leave Afghanistan immediately and rebuild our own national fence.

18.  Never send another dollar to Pakistan or to the UN, for that matter.

19.  Get government out of the housing market.  Tear down those Fannie and Freddie walls. (and, remove Democrat Senators Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi  from office)

20.  Tie government spending to 1.1 % of GDP or better, pass a balanced budget amendment.

 21.  Eliminate all Social/Economic Tinkering:  all of the laws passed (using Stage One thinking*) in order to help Americans (e.g., Dick Durbin’s debit card price controls & the $5 BofA debit card charge) do not operate in isolation. These laws, in the aggregate, affect us negatively and hurt Americans more than they help. You will have to pay more for the use of your debit card in other ways. What goes around comes around, ipso facto.

 (* as Thomas Sowell, economist, defines thinking that does look at all of the possible ramifications of a proposed law.  Laws do not operate in a vacuum.  I highly recommend his latest book, The Thomas Sowell Reader, copyright 2011.)

 22.  We need free trade agreements passed now.

23.  Breakup the monopoly of the US government and Federal Reserve Bank. Better, get rid of most of government and shut down the Federal Reserve Bank.

24.  Because lobbyists are voters with lots of campaign money attached and because we have a representative government we must make congress accountable to the people and not solely to lobbyists and special interests. I propose a full disclosure statement be written and posted online every time a representative interacts with a lobbyist. This statement would disclose the date and time of contact, the means of contact, the purpose of contact, the information exchanged and our representative’s disposition to said matter. This statement must be signed by both parties and posted online.  This disclosure statement must be done every time – pre, post and during office, night and day, during working hours and during their free time.  To not disclose interaction with a lobbyist (I will need legal language here to define lobbyists and special interests.) whether via phone, email, texting, in person or via a third-party would be considered a felony and would be punishable by a minimum of 30 years in prison. This law would affect aides and family, as well.

 25.  Elect Presidents with business savvy, leadership and management experience –  “Twinkles Up”.  Do not elect “buff” spoiled brats who spend most of their time looking in the mirror, blaming Bush and playing golf. That would be “Twinkles Down”.**

(**For everyone who is working and NOT a OWS protestor, “Twinkles Down” means “bad” in protestor speak.)


The Audacity of Nope: NObama

2012: I’m Shovel Ready

2012:  Do you really want four more years of:

  • Blaming Bush for the enormous national debt incurred under Obama’s watch?
  •  Blaming corporate jet owners for having money? (The jets are primarily used to make sales that create & maintain jobs. BTW: Nancy Pelosi uses a government (the largest corp.)- jet.)
  •  Straw man arguments leading to more blaming of others and deflection of responsibility?
  • Obama’s wars?
  • Blaming the failure of bad economic policies on under funding (not enough tax money coming in)?
  • 9.2 % unemployment, recession and inflation?
  • Condescension, obstinacy & shaming?
  • A destructive learning curve for a Chicago politician with no life experience other than the circle jerking of community organizing?
  • Class warfare & the segregation of people into economic & social classes, turning America backwards in time?
  • Inciting racism and hate speech among blacks and the liberal media?
  • Being told that social justice favors the poor and takes advantage of the rich?
  • Incompetence at every turn? (Did it really take much thought to pull the trigger on UBL?)
  • Utter & blatant narcissism?
  • No business acumen whatsoever?
  • A president who blindly sides with militant Palestinians against Israel?
  • A president who apologizes for the US every chance he gets (to win approval)?
  • A First Lady who says living in the White House is hell.
  • Knowing that your future earnings will be given to the government and that you get only pennies on the dollar in return?
  • The theocracy of Socialism? Of the greed of preference?
  • A “fair share” democracy which is defined by a small elite intellectual class and not by Justice?
  • Putting Americans on the Road to Serfdom subject to the whims of an elite intellectual class? Of making Americans useful idiots?
  • Obama’s political favoritism towards GE, labor unions and himself? Of never putting America first?
  • A president who claims he is a Christian but uses Christ’s name only as a means to get his campaign in the door of churches and onto the screeds written by social justice’s “useful idiots”?
  • Czars not sanctioned by Congress but paid for with your tax dollars (these people have jobs): Afghanistan Czar; AIDS Czar; Border Czar; California Water Czar; Car Czar; Central Region Czar; Climate Czar; Cyber Czar; Domestic Violence Czar; Drug Czar; Economic Czar; Energy and Environment Czar; Faith-Based Czar; Government Performance Czar; Great Lakes Czar; Green Jobs Czar; Guantanamo Closure Czar; Health Czar; Information Czar; Intelligence Czar; Mideast Peace Czar; Pay Czar; Regulatory Czar; Science Czar; Stimulus Accountability Czar; Sudan Czar; TARP Czar; Technology Czar; Terrorism Czar; Urban Affairs Czar; Weapons Czar; WMD Policy Czar
  • Sloganeering:  Change, Hope, Yes We Can…of spin?
  • A dumb-ing down of America for equal outcomes?
  • The loss of property?
  • The inability to use God-given natural resources?
  • The devaluation of your citizenship by this administration’s blind eye to illegal immigration (to gain political advantage)
  • The list goes on…but America may not, if Obama is re-elected.

Get Without the Program

I think a lot of people, especially college kids, recent grads and sixties leftovers voted for Obama in 2008 hoping to download the Cradle to Grave Entitlement App – Push the button, download the App and government does it all:  health care, social security, cheap student loans, amnesty for all, social justice, diversity…:

A Recent Review: 

“This App is fantastic.  We won’t have to think or make choices. We will just be, creating our Good Ideas to save the planet, making things fair and equal. We can do this by spending the currency of veteran’s blood, blood shed giving us freedom we couldn’t handle anyway – its way too scary and  too complex. Instead, we will choose not to choose.  We’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden. We will then be able to enjoy the safety of our peeps (i.e., the herd)around the campfire.”

 Review #2: 

“With Obama and this Cradle to Grave Mobile App we can return to egalitarian Egypt where everything will be provided for us.  Our lives will be neatly ordered for us. In Egypt we will all be equal and treated the same. No one will be exceptional. No one will stand out. It will finally be fair.”

Review #3: 

“Here’s an APP that will satisfy my parents.  They always want me to go to church.  With this APP  I can be religious just by texting donations to Real Celebrity causes, ASPCA, Al Gore, Planned Parenthood and even George Soros’ Media Matters to fight the evil Fox News.”

Cradle to Grave App cost: Your liberty, your freedom, your income, your choices,  your self.
Availability: Download available November 2012. Text  *OBAMA APP YES WE CAN MASSAH or call 1-800-FOR-1984

Mad Hominem

Barack Hussein Obama or Mr. Strawman Wizard, the shaman of progressive bushwa, wants tax increases to fight the deficit. He says he wants to sacrifice sacred cows.

In fact, Mr. Strawman Wizard says that he doesn’t want our kids to be sacrificed.  He wants the owners of corporate jets to be sacrificed. He wants to do this for the gods of social justice – the class warfare gods. They are not happy campers on Mount Olympus (see the riots in Greece for more information). 

Wow! I wonder if  Michele will have to cancel her next trip out of the country?  (What’s that?  A four on the hole, Mr. Obama?)

(“Gee, Mr Wizard, you could use your one billion dollar campaign fund to help pay off the deficit.” “Peabody, we have millionaires for that.”)

If you don’t know by now, Obama’s demand of the Republicans is the standard, out of the box solution for a Democrat: Raise Taxes (and building casinos). But can you believe it? This is what this most intelligent (we are told) man wants to do:  Raise taxes. This Chicago Whiz Kid Pol has no other plan!

Once again we see the continued attempt to shakedown (called redistribution of wealth by progressives & socialists) the American People through the tax system.

You undoubtedly know that we are in a recession and we have inflation:  gas prices are up, food prices are up and the housing market is in the dumpster.  When was the last time you had a decent pay increase?

Moronic squeeze:  inflation and a tax increase w/malaise to go before I sleep.

 It is way past time to tar, feather and run this witch doctor out on a rail (or, at least put him in the Way Back machine where he can’t sacrifice anybody.)


Milton Friedman:

 “I am favor of cutting taxes under any circumstances and for any excuse, for any reason, whenever it’s possible. “

“Inflation is the one form of taxation that can be imposed without legislation. “

“The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem. “

Don’t Do It

The phallic presidency of Obama the Virile has fallen flat: 9.1 % unemployment, a stagnant economy and a limp foreign policy.  Wage increases for these past ten years have only been 4% compared to all other ten-year periods including the Great Depression. Wage increases during the ten years of the Great Depression were 5%!

The Robin Hood rhetoric (take from the rich and give to the poor) is just more B-movie genre politics. The You-Tube generation, Labor Unions and the Sixties Leftovers who voted for Obama just want another tingle up their leg, another swami to swoon. These Percy-like (The Green Mile) liberals pee their pants whenever they face real life and death issues – issues requiring serious character strength.  Dont’ give these sissified whiners an inch. They claim a higher social consciousness* than the rest of us.  Bull sh__!  They’re just ‘higher’ than the rest of us. Don’t go for this leftist Hollywood sequel. We need real people to govern.

Obama, the Manchurian candidate under a teleprompter spell, wants to buy your vote (GM bailout, big labor favoritism, Obamacare, etc. ) as does George Soros who spent 48 million dollars to influence the media via Think Progress, Media matters and their ilk.  America don’t do it. America deserves better than the wet dream called Obama.


*Weinergate:  An up-close & personal profile of a Democrat/progressive congressman with a higher social consciousness – Anthony is just raising our social awareness up the flag pole to a whole new level.  That’s all.