Help! I Need a President!

The self-induced lame duck presidency of BO is certainly going nowhere except down the campaign trial. Last Monday night Obama used a nationally televised speech to campaign for himself.

In his prime time campaign pitch professor Obama lectured the public about debt – as if we are stupid. He also pontificated about a having balanced approach (duh, consider that the national debt has tripled under his watch and he has brought us to this brink). He then went on to spread the manure of blame around to make it seem like he’s just a regular guy who’s above all this.

 During Monday night’s performance Obama went on to pit the rich against the poor, Democrat against Republican and his liberal agenda (he’s beholden to and George Soros) against everyday common sense.  He continued his class warfare rhetoric and offered nothing of substance, nothing of value to the conversation.  He proposed no debt ceiling plan and he did nothing to encourage confidence in America. Instead, Obama just blathered on blaming others and posturing himself as the great arbiter of American values.

Obama is the most divisive and immature President that I can remember (I have been voting since ’69).  His presidency is worse than the malaise days of Jimmy Carter.  This presidency is a malignant cancerous growth on the hopes of all Americans. He incapacitates hope.

Sadly, O-bots in the mainstream media (MSNBC, Chris Matthews, Rachel Madcow, Media Matters, Think Progress, etc) will continue to promote The All-Wise One and his Trojan horse called Social Justice.  There will also be people who will continue to vote a Democratic ticket because that’s what they always do – they push the “Hopey Changey” button. 

The last time they did, dumb and dumber came out.

“Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this…and totally redeem yourself!”  Harry in Dumb and Dumber

“You drove almost a 6th of the way across the country in the wrong… DIRECTION!!! Now we don’t have enough money to get to Aspen! We don’t have enough money to get home! We don’t have enough money to eat! We don’t have enough money… TO SLEEP!!”  Harry to Obama, from Dumb and Dumber: Harry (Reid) Meets Barry (Obama)

For Harry (Reid) and Obama every day is a no-brainer. (movie tagline)

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  1. mohdarafat says:

    nice article 🙂

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