Take the Buffett Rule Off the Table and Shove It

The Buffett Rule appears like a gesture of great benevolence toward the American poor and middle class:  shake down the ultra rich and throw the poor and middle class pennies on the dollar. (More likely, though, they would receive a rhetorical bone.)  Such magnanimity would make any gangster appear as a saintly Robin Hood.

Nobody asks the gangster where the rest of the money goes, the big money.  Nobody knows anything until some business fails down the road.  And when that happens big money is laundered and power is purchased.  But the recipients of the gangster’s largesse don’t ask questions.  That is because they get a piece of the action – empathy for their plight, scraps from the table. They have been hushed up. The gangster takes care of his own people.  His own people take care of him.

You should know that Obama, Buffett and the Dems don’t want to pass the Buffett Rule.  This is all just another rhetorical bone thrown out to get Obama reelected.


Why is Obama telling us that we should tax the rich?  Why is he telling us that we should have their money? Where would that tax revenue money go?  Why does he not tell us where it will go? Why does Obama want the money when he has created more public debt than any president before him?  It is not like he cares about our national debt and he wants to pay it down.  Credit and debt bind the debtor to the gangster just like on the mean streets of Chicago. I know. I have lived in Chicago for a long, long time.

(2012 Chicago Tax Day Tea Party at Daley plaza, April 16th.  I will be there.)

There are hundreds if not thousands of ways to hide money in government budgets. Where did all money from the previous bail out go? And now with the Buffett rule on the table Obama is asking for even more money. Who would end up getting the money?

And, why are people letting Obama become more involved in their daily lives?  To make others do what they want? To make others pay for what we want? For security? For a handout?

We are becoming a nation of slaves and addicts. A nation of slaves because there are those who surrender their liberty for the sake of a few scraps that fall from Obama’s tax table (pun intended). A nation of addicts because there are those we rely on a victim class status so as to continue to receive the sop and scraps from the government.  Like the willing slave they choose this life for themselves over and over again.

This is the Buffet rule:  “a sucker is born every day.”

Another sad dollar-for-dollar irony foisted on us by the government:

The past several weeks, while listening to an AM station I enjoy (WLS 890 AM, the Larry Kudlow show) I heard something truly astounding:  a radio government public interest commercial warning people to be careful of how they use their credit!  The double-standard is beyond belief! There is even a web site you can go to:  controlyourcredit.gov

At the redirected website, you will read this:

The US Treasury Department along with the Ad Council recently launched a new credit education website, located at ControlYourCredit.gov, with the goal of helping young adults learn how to make good financial decisions and use credit responsibly.

This would be funny if it wasn’t so utterly sad.


More to think about before November 2012:

The Bush Great Recession ended June 2009. The Obama Great Failed Recovery is the problem.

 The joys of being a small business owner in Obama’s America.


(No, I am not hard-hearted and cruel.  The truly poor, the orphan and the widow need help and not those inclined to poverty because of a lack of character, will and discipline.)

4 Responses to Take the Buffett Rule Off the Table and Shove It

  1. joesix says:

    Can we just raise their tax rate by 3%, back to the lowest rate they had under Reagan?

    • Sally Paradise says:

      There should be no increase in taxes whatsoever. There needs to be an annual decrease in spending until the U.S. budget (for defense and transportation spending only) is a small fraction of GDP.
      (BTW: Obama and the dems haven’t passed a budget the last three years. So, asking for more tax money confirms the fact that a sucker is born every day.)

      The government has to get out of the social security/social justice/health care business thereby letting the private sector and individuals determine outcomes.

      People who are taxed less are able to give more to help the charities and causes they believe in.

      • joesix says:

        The democrats won’t be able to pass even the most conservative budget so long as Grover Norquist controls congress. I’m with you on reducing defense spending, but if we ever want energy independence, we need a government to lead the way in creating a stable mass-transit system that runs on renewable energy. (The private sector can’t do that on their own, just as it couldn’t lead on space exploration or developing the Internet.) We need revenue for this, and the richest 1% of Americans aren’t going to fund public schools, police departments, and subway systems out of the goodness of their hearts.

        The top tax bracket had a 50% tax rate under Ronald Reagan for three years. Why is he not called a socialist?

      • Sally Paradise says:

        First of all you are assuming that it is government’s place to take money and spread it around for ‘good’ causes. I make no such assumption. Our government was established as a means to provide for the national defense and a system of transportation and not for social programs that people think would be nice. Individuals should decide what is good and worthy of their money. Individuals should decide what charity to give to. Government must not be the middle man.

        Secondly, the private sector can certainly fund/capitalize any project whether schools, space exploration, green energy cars, etc. with out having government take my money or money from the ultra rich. Consider Apple.

        Thirdly, as to who has power, it was Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, BHO and the Dems who passed Obamacare in order to “find out what was in the bill.” Obamacare is taxation by regulation.

        Our government is a monopoly. Our government is bigger than any corporation. Monopolies determine supply and cost. Monopolies take away your choices. Monopolies exist solely for themselves. If you think that government will stop at taking money only from the rich, think again. Consider that Obamacare takes money from everyone with an income. Get a certain kind of healthcare or be fined.

        Energy independence via the private sector could easily happen now if Obama and the Dems removed their onerous regulations and get out of the way. They use their power to control energy in America.

        Obama gave money to Brazil for oil exploration but he won’t let Americans do the same. He uses his power to subjugate Americans. He does this because of the environmentalists he is beholden to (specifically to their campaign donations) and not for the good of America as a whole. Obama is a venture cronyist receiving political contributions in return for the taxpayer’s money he throws at green companies.

        Government needs to be quantized into a single inert element that doesn’t react to anything except attacks by foreign countries and natural disasters. Right now our government is a man-made disaster. Solyndra banckruptcy, GSA trip to Vegas. ‘nuf said.

        Public schools and teachers unions must be dissolved. Schools can be privatized. Our government should be shaken down and not the people Obama calls rich. From his presidential bully pulpit Obama uses class warfare language which stratifies and divides our nation, pitting one group against another.

        Warren Buffet, George Soros (Godfather of the Left) and their ilk have plenty of money to spread around for space projects, green energy projects, healthcare combines. They know how to invest. Instead, though, where does a lot of Soros’ money go? For hate campaigns (via liberal media outlets) directed at people who want a free, fiscally and morally sound America and not the anarchy of class warfare brought about by a demagogue. .

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