Quoth the Paradise: Nevermore!

Quoth the Paradise:  Nevermore!

 Please!  No more tattoos.  Cover up your butterfly, your Mayan symbol of fertility, your undulating butt cheeks covered with spider webs.  Cover up your magic marker body.  I do not want to see it.

 Please! No more women talking endlessly on cell phones while driving an SUV or a mini-van.  They are multi-tasking my patience. 

 Please, no more skinny jeans.  If I wanted to look at a blue toothpick then I will go puncture a Smurf. 

 Please, no more make-your-skin-crawl women: Rachel Maddcow, Ellen, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi. 

 Please, no more city mayors telling us we can’t drink a biggie size drink or carry a gun or have a Chic-fil-A restaurant in our district.

 And please.  No more government!

When you voted for Obama you voted to make your life harder. I know I know. You thought life would be better but you were deceived by the “social justice” propaganda.

 Voting for tax and spend Democrats (Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi) means that you spend less time with your family and more time working to pay your bills.  Sure Barrack and Michelle will continue to get Hawaiian vacations and Barrack will continue to play hundreds of hours of golf but your family will have to put off vacations because of … 1) rising Federal and State taxes, 2) because of government regulations affecting your workplace which affects your pay and 3) because of rising consumer prices due to corporation taxes. And, tax rate increases for the wealthy do not occur in a vacuum.  Increasing the tax rates for the wealthy affects everyone negatively.

 With Democrats you are placed in what I call a Moronic Squeeze:  government through taxation (including the newly tax-mandated Obamacare) demands more of your money.  So now you will have to work more hours in order to take care of your family.  Then because you are both working so much you can’t spend time with your kids, time the kids desperately need.  Instead,  a public school takes over your children.  Then the public school system demands more money to teach your children and then government will come back for more tax money from you.  Phew! You and your children are put in an ever tightening vise by government.

 More devastating, government creates fiscal and moral poverty; “social justice” is the scam that is used to take money from your pocket and put it where it best serves a politician and his reelection needs.

 When both parents are working who’s with the kids?  Are you letting the public school inculcate its “diversity” values into your children because you don’t have the time to spend with them, because you work so many hours to pay government for the first five months of the year?

 Social justice, better simply, “justice”,  is learned at home.  Invest your money there and not in government:  spend time with your children, teach them what is good.  The returns will be great.  Government gives you pennies on the dollar return on your tax payments.

 When you keep more of your own money you have more options and more time to spend with family.  Voting for more government – more Democrats – does not give you more time with your precious family.  Instead you must work all the harder to meet government’s demands.  Obamacare is only one of the huge financial demands now placed on the middle class.

 2014 & 2016:  Think about your family before you vote for more government (and less take home pay) in the form of a Democrat candidate.

Added Dec 31st, 2012:  The Best Bumper Stickers of 2012 – the Legal Insurrection edition. Here’s one example:


I have to ask:atlanta-Freedom

2 Responses to Quoth the Paradise: Nevermore!

  1. dogbronte says:

    Strictly partisan blog. “Any form of socialism is bad”. Excuse me but, Who is building and maintaining your roads, Your Schools? Is it not the government? Perhaps you favor private ownership of roads and pay a toll each time you go to the store.

    • Sally Paradise says:

      A strictly partisan bog. ~ No surprise here. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ who is a Libertarian politically and a conservative socially. >What I am about<. (You do reallize that pushing a socialist agenda is a partisan viewpoint?)

      “Any form of socialism is bad.” ~ A surprise here. Where exactly did you read this? Perhaps between the lines? If you like socialism then please move to Europe where you will find collapsing countries dedicated to their own demise through socialism’s programs.

      “Roads” ~ Anyone can present a bid to build a road. The problem is who gets the bid and for what reasons. We are taxed (paying toll) up front to pay for the road and for all of the middle men with their hands out to make sure the contract goes into the right politically advantageous hands. More cronyism. More waste of money. And more green company money thrown away by Obama on windmills, too.

      Privatize the roads and pay exactly for what you use ~ just like you do for Netflix. You will get more for you money from privatized companies then you ever will through government.

      “Schools” ~ I much prefer private charter schools or home schooling. The Chicago Public School (CPS) system is the worst school system in the nation. CPS wastes enormous amounts of taxpayer monies on teacher pay raises and benefits but the return for our children is effectively nil.

      I would prefer a straight Federal flat tax where everyone has to pay the same percent for their share of government and not just people like me who pay for people to sit around and blog about socialism and social justice while watching “cutesy” dog and cat videos on YouTube and do nothing to pay their fair share of taxes. These would rather have a warm and fuzzy feeling in their gut about “social justice” rather than do any real work which would benefit the people around them.

      “Who is building and maintaining your roads, Your Schools?” ~ Apparently me the taxpayer. And, I do not like what I see.

      I have been around public service employees ~ your socialism cogs ~ and they are like most of the union people I’ve met at one time or another: some of the greediest, laziest, self-serving people I have ever known. The Federal Union/teacher unions employees know that government has deep pockets and they seek to empty those pockets into theirs at taxpayer expense. I have yet to meet a happy union worker whether he/she be a plumber, an electrician, a school teacher, a postal worker, a train conductor…they all have the same things in common – they spend their days looking at how other union workers are treated compared to themselves, they constantly bicker about management, benefits, wages, days off and they go on and on and on with their complaints.

      There is more accountability with privatized companies who must employ good workers to obtain a profitable bottom line in order to stay in business and to create more jobs. Government is a leech that will suck the life out of our country. Government is a mocker that will betray your trust in it. Government is not accountable to any one as we have seen during the fiscal cliff debates – it is freight train in runaway mode.

      Regarding socialism and its components here are a couple of quotes from Thomas Sowell an Africa~American conservative economist:

      “The anointed want to eliminate stress, challenge, striving, and competition. They want the necessities of life to be supplied as “rights” – which is to say, at the taxpayer’s expense, without anyone’s being forced to work for those necessities, except of course the taxpayers.
      Nothing is to be earned. “Self-esteem” is to be dispensed to school children as largess from the teacher. Adults are to have their medical care and other necessities dispensed as largess from the government. People are to be mixed by race and sex and whatever else the anointed want to take into account, in order to present whatever kind of picture the anointed think should be presented.
      This is the vision of human beings as livestock to be fed by the government and herded and tended by the anointed. All the things that make us human beings are to be removed from our lives and we are to live as denatured creatures and directed by our betters. (emphasis mine)
      Those things that help human beings be independent and self-reliant ~ whether automobiles, guns, the free market, or vouchers – provoke instant hostility from the anointed.”
      “Egalitarians create the most dangerous inequality of all ~ inequality of power. Allowing politicians to determine what other human beings will be allowed to earn is one of the most reckless gambles imaginable.”
      Required reading:

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