Climate Apocalyptic-ism & The WannaBe Oppressed, The Cult – Part 2

For more information on this “cult” read my post:

Climate Apocalyptic-ism & The WannaBe Oppressed

2 Responses to Climate Apocalyptic-ism & The WannaBe Oppressed, The Cult – Part 2

  1. The operative word is “was.” Some say his leaving Greenpeace wasn’t his decision. In any event, post Greenpeace Moore went on to become a salmon farmer (an especially ecologically damaging forms of agriculture) and then continued his war on the environment (to get even with his former colleagues who had given him the boot?) by becoming a consultant/advisor/spokesman/lobbyist for big mining, big timber and other big polluters. All this information can be readily Googled. Of Course a guy like this is going to say the things he says about climate change and everything else. What would anyone expect him to say?

    • Rising Window says:

      From the tone of your comments it sounds like you are the sore loser and not Patrick Moore.

      Being dismissive is what I’ve come to expect from those who can’t scientifically challenge ‘climate’ scientists when they speak scientific fact and give their learned opinion.

      Being dismissive of him is not a reply to his comments, is it? “War on the environment?” Give me a break.

      BTW: besides being a fatih-based religion, global clmate warming change is a scam meant to get the peoples of the world to redistribute their monies (via the UN and other world agencies) under the guise of saving mother earth.

      I’m sure you are donating Big Money to Big environmental groups so make sure you keep your Big eyes on where it ends up.

      Mother Gaia is doing OK. And so is Al Gore. He is making Big bucks off of folks like you. Obama, GE and Big Government, et al, want to do the same.

      While you grinding your teeth about eco-terrorists everywhere here are some more posts/blogs you can balk at while eating salmon which is good for humans everywhere.

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