Move Over Santa and “Settled Science”, the Lord Has Come…

…”let earth receive ….” the Light of the World.  religion versus science


“People sometimes say that science deals with facts but religion simply trades in opinion. In other words, science’s concern is with truth, understood as correspondence with reality, but the best that can be said of religion is that it might be ‘true’ for an individual, but only in the weak sense that it was helpful for that particular person to look at life in that particular way, without necessarily implying anything about the way reality actually is. Two bad mistakes lie behind this claim…” John Polkinghorne, Science and Religion in Quest of Truth

Mistake #1: When it comes down to it any scientific fact is interpreted fact, a well-motivated opinion about one-dimensional information. Scientific phenomena are comprehended within other interpreted facts and within a personal cosmology. Any discovered fact is unique to an individual until in the process of truth-seeking it is corroborated by others seeking truth. A well-motivated belief then begins to grow that what you have found is consonant with an elegant and repeatable universality. Yet,

“Belief in scientific realism is well-motivated, but one cannot claim that it is logically proved to be true beyond any possibility of question, as if it would be willfully stupid for anyone to deny….the progress of science, with the changes of understanding that can result from this, make it clear that scientific achievement cannot be claimed to constitute the attainment of complete and absolute truth. Instead, science’s exploration of reality must be seen as resulting in the creation of ‘maps’ of the physical world which are indeed reliable, but only on a particular scale.”  John Polkinghorne, Science and Religion in Quest of Truth (emphasis added)

Science ‘maps’ reality in terms of how, how much, how often, and of what terrain – matter and space-time. But a scientist’s impersonal encounter with ‘hard data’ generated from experimentation is self-limiting…

“Science’s declining to engage with the personal dimension of experience implies the limited character that it can give of reality. A scientist, speaking as a scientist, can say no more about music than it is vibrations in the air, but speaking as a person there would be much more to say about the mysterious way in which a temporal succession of sounds can give us access to a timeless realm of beauty.” -John Polkinghorne, Science and Religion in Quest of Truth

Beyond the wonderfully apparent discoveries of science, science certainly has ongoing areas of mystery. Consider that today we have a better understanding of quanta (small packets of energy) and yet scientists cannot readily explain the oxymoronic wave and particle theory of light. To unlock such mysteries inquisitive scientists as truth seekers will test their postulates using experimentation. Their theory will employ a certain amount of belief in and expectation of a supposed outcome. The final experimental data is then evaluated against theory. Science’s truth seeking process goes on in this fashion, seeking truth about a physical reality….except when ideology becomes its handler…

environmentalism is school prayer for liberals.” Harvey Mansfield, Professor of Government at Harvard University  settled science

“Settled science” happens. Though science seeks to understand and map the physical world, science can easily be channeled into populist scientism ‘maps’ where fact is rerouted with ideology meant to produce a certain political outcome. The misconstrued and falsified data behind Global Warming Alarmism is pure scientism. In fact something of religious cult has now formed around a metaphysical belief in Global Warming. And, ‘outsiders’ who do accept such a far-fetched and unverifiable belief are called “deniers”.

The Global Warming cult leaders (Al Gore, Barack Obama, John Kerry, UNFCCC) preach their scientism as “settled science” in order to discharge any further truth-seeking. The light of day was not meant to shine on their furtive agenda – their ends, world-wide redistribution of wealth, justify their means of environmental alarmism and population control (a la John Holdren).

science and religion in quest of truth

Science can be used to deny other means of truth-seeking. The New Atheists came onto the scene after the horrific 9/11 attacks. The New Atheists love to use scientific reasoning, not for truth-seeking, but for their dismissal of belief in God, a God who would allow 9/11. As such the science they comport is piecemeal and typically not readily provable, such as the (preexisting!) Quantum Foam messaged by Quantum Fluctuation equals Universe theory (Alexander Vilenkin). Then there is their use of the multiple universes theory that says that our universe is one of infinite possibilities wrought out of chaos and therefore (even so!) a Creator is not warranted.

The New Atheists, in scientific tone, try but cannot reasonably tell us how humans received a self-consciousness (Who am I? Why am I here? What about life after death?). Nor can they tell how we became intelligent, language based, moral agents and altruistic. Science cannot tell us how. Strict logical analysis fails to tell us how.

But strict logical analysis can tell us about the extreme fine-tuning found in the universe, a fine-tuning that makes earth inhabitable for life. Yet, The New Atheists, again in scientific tone and avoiding a Creator outside of themselves, will serve up the Anthropic Principle as the reason for fine-tuning – – the universe just happened to be because of us, we needed the universe to fit our needs.

“The odds against a universe such as we have are fantastically great, and so are the odds against the emergence of life and the advent of intelligence.”Dr. Amir D. Aczel, mathematician and author of Why Science Does Not Disprove God

Why science Does Not disprove God_

Something to ponder: “If Albert Einstein had not discovered general relativity, no doubt it would eventually have come to light through the labor of others, but if J.S. Bach had not composed the Mass in B Minor, that great work of art would have been lost to us forever.” John Polkinghorne, Science and Religion in Quest of Truth

Now consider a perfect circle and perfect square, Plato’s ideal forms. Consider that mathematicians accept that numbers, equations and geometry exist on their own and outside our physical universe. One would have to then ask, How do we know what is perfect? And, how do we know that an equation is simple and beautiful?

For now, in the interest of brevity, see one-dimensional interpreted science as only one of two addends in the following equation. An insufficiency of either one will cause a lower sum:  santa I dont exist gif

Science + religion = truth-seeking


“I am the Light of the World.” -Jesus

“Why is it that when we talk to God we’re said to be praying, but when God talks to us we’re schizophrenic?” Lily Tomlin

Mistake #2: Religion isn’t concerned about fact and therefore requires no reason.

True Christianity is truth-seeking. I perceive Christianity as using a microscope (natural theology), eyeglasses (systematic theology) and a telescope (philosophical theology) to seek out and record what is true. Central to true Christianity’s claim on a person is, not unlike science, a focus on truth, a truth ultimate and unchanging, an ‘atomic’ truth that you can set your soul’s machinations to. Truth, scientific truth and Christianity, is freedom.

It was Jesus who said, “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Now I don’t think Jesus was talking about the Big Bang at the start of this manifest Creation, but He certainly let fly freely both matter and a ‘hair less’ antimatter and then the requisite bosons to form elements and to later compose you and me.

Christianity seeks to know the truth about why and who and from that derived knowledge goes on to the phenomenology of altruistic behavior, something evolutionary science cannot explain or ever reproduce.

Christianity is a personal “come and see”. Science is also a personal “come and see”. And whereas a scientist’s impersonal observations becomes a universally accepted theory through experimentation and corroboration, so too a Christian’s personal observations are corroborated by Scripture and by a chorus of others singing the same tune.

Christianity is centered on the facts of a person. This person, Jesus Christ, claimed to be God, very God, the Creator. Now, imagine very God limiting himself and taking on the form of a servant in evolved flesh – once a single cell amoeba later into ape-hood and then prehistoric man and then to mankind! I cannot fathom this emptying of God but it is true.

Consider the resurrection of Jesus. The resurrection of Jesus is a historical fact witnessed by hundreds of people.

We find a record of Jesus’ life and his death and resurrection in the four Gospels. The Gospels are written by close friends and followers who would die for Jesus based on their own eye-witness testimony. Would a scientist die for any discovered truth?

Keep in mind that Pontius Pilate found no fault with Jesus and yet found no reason to keep him alive, either. He asked “What is truth?” but Truth would be put to death in order to save his reputation

Like science religion can be perverted by powerful figures or groups into false religions and death cults with a phenomenology of terrorism. Acknowledging that no one group has all truth would be a major step toward abandoning the ‘settled theology’ of Islamic terrorism and the ‘settled science’ of global warming.


How should science and Christianity relate?

“Fundamentally, the two disciplines of enquiry should be thought of as cousins under the skin because of their shared truthful intent. Both operate under the rubric of critical realism, claiming the attainment of well-motivated beliefs, but not asserting the achievement of absolute certainty. The religious recognition of this fact is expressed in the understanding that believers walk by faith and not by sight…Religious faith dos not demand irrational submission to some unquestionable authority, but it does involve rational commitment to well-motivated belief.” – John Polkinghorne, Science and Religion in Quest of Truth

There is simply too much information about both science and religion to fit this post and to do justice to both truth-seeking disciplines. Besides you need to get ready for Christmas.

The wisest of men still seek Him…Study hard.


Now for something completely relevant:  you could buy a book about soccer and read about the game as it is delineated (the scientific approach) or you could watch Men in Blazers for a ‘metaphysical’ explanation of the game (the religious soccer zealot approach). Actually, both approaches play the whole field and score goals.

Kingdom of God Stewardship Meet the 50 to 1 Project

A Cost to Benefit Analysis of scientism’s Anthropogenic Global Warming theory (AGW) or “Stop being afraid and start thinking”:

See also my recent post “Climate Scientism is Made of Green Cheese”.

Climate Scientism is Made of Green Cheese

Instead of the man-handled “AGW” data, the populist’s scientism data which has fueled a lot of politicized hot air about a coming apocalypse the world would be better served by science and a global credulity index…

Remember the Greek philosopher Plato’s symbolic illustration of a cave and the people chained inside? The cave captives were scared of their own fuel burning fire-generated shadows. Cave tour guide here.

Today we have the Climate Change doomsday cult who has chained themselves inside a dark and unventilated CO2 filled cave. This cult eats green cheese and they are very scared of their flickering carbon footprint on the wall. “Those bad humans! Bad!” they tell themselves.

Wafer thin Green Cheese for dessert?

Wafer thin Green Cheese for dessert?

The cave dwellers, using bits of charcoal, etched on the walls of their cave the words, “We are settled science, No Deniers Welcome!”

But wait! What is that light outside yonder cave? It is the east and hydrogen is the sun! In that light we see other light: there’s a living oxygen breathing CO2 expelling naturally occurring human who is standing outside the unventilated CO2 cave. He is calling to the cave people to come outside, out into the street light, to feel “summer’s ripening breath” on their necks.

If the cave people would just rub their smog filled eyes and stopped eating their green cheese, if they just came outside then they would see that flora is green because of CO2 and…that fossil fuels have helped mankind move around in the dark when the sun hides its helium/neon glare.

Solar nexus

Solar nexus

Apparently, this outdoorsman humanist doesn’t eat the Climate Scientism green cheese even if it is labeled “Aged 2 days in science labs”! He is humanist philosopher Alex Epstein of the Center for Industrial Progress.

Why You Should Love Fossil Fuel

The greatest threat to mankind is NOT AGW! The greatest threat to mankind is mankind no longer caring for its neighbor. Remember! Climate cultists believe that humans are bad and Mother Earth is good.

The greatest threat to mankind is man seeking material gain, security and power at another’s cost.

Lest anyone think that I hate earth because I do not join the cult of climate change believers then think again. As a Follower of the Way I know that as part of the Kingdom of God I must care for the planet.

I care for the planet. I don’t care for the politicized religion of scientism. >>What is Scientism?<<

And you should know that God has enriched the planet with various sources of all-natural fuel sources including fossil, nuclear, wind, solar and gravity (dams).

Every living thing someday decomposes into fossil fuel. Why? So the cycle of life continues.

Fossil fuel is created from the decomposition of every living thing including you. You are renewable…in more ways than you think.

The body. It's elementary Watson!

The body. It’s elementary Watson!



Calif. Philosopher Making the ‘Moral Case for Fossil Fuels’ Says This Is How Global Warming Should Be Discussed”:

“If you look at the assumptions behind all the arguments against fossil fuels, they turn out to just be incredibly irrational,”…

Epstein said you are “taught this narrative” that “fossil fuels are an addiction” and, while they are convenient in the short-term, in the long-term they are “destroying us.”

“You’re given three basic reasons: One, they’re causing depletion. Two, they’re causing pollution. And, three, they’re causing global warming or climate change,” Epstein explained. “This is used to say, ‘They’re an addiction. We need to get off them. We need to use renewable, moral, green energy instead.’”

But Epstein said every other positive technological development that has side effects is not considered a short-term, destructive fix, and it is certainly not considered “immoral.” (emphasis added)

Read the whole article (link above) to find out the benefits of fossil fuel before the lights go out.

And come to the Heartland.

Political Sea Change Puts Global Warming On Ice

 Yeah, it’s OK to be American once again. More importantly, it is OK to be human again (see a real human in the video above)!

Republicans were elected to become a majority of Congress.

 The dehumanization of our country and its people over the past five plus years by Progressivism’s ever demanding Politburo bureaucracy must end now. No more redistributive fear mongering. No more redistributive shaming the people of this nation into a collective submission to the will of fact denying environmentalists or to political correctness or to universal healthcare or to behavioral economists who want to “Nudge” libertarian paternalism (Big Brother in Brooks Brothers clothes) onto you. No more.

 The fog of war, the war against mankind (and against womankind), is beginning to lift. We can see a glimpse of America on the horizon. The flag is still standing.

 It’s OK to walk out on the two-faced-mal adroit-in-denial Obama and his “my policies are on the ballot”. It’s OK to say “good riddance” to the worst Senate Leader in our nation’s history-Harry Reid. Obots, it is OK to be human again.

 There should be no more scare tactic talk of world ending proportions: “global warming is the greatest threat to mankind.” No more of this Bernie Madoff “trust-me-in-this” type hoax. 

 As a people we can begin to safely and efficiently frack. We can mine for coal and continue to filter its combustion. We can build the Keystone pipeline, create jobs and the safe transmission of oil. We can apply for small business loans and for Tea Party non-profit status without the jack boots of the Obama Stasi stomping you into the ground. We can protect our borders from illegals carrying drugs, disease and a distaste for America. But, can we protect our borders from Obama?  God help us.

 There should be no more politicization and polarization coming from the Attorney General’s office. Eric Holder has been the most egregious and unjust man to ever hold the office. Even now he is trying to influence the outcome of the Ferguson grand jury by his public inferences.

 There should be no more denigration of small businesses and their owners, owners who have worked so hard for so long to build something only to have them mocked from Obama’s and his alter ego’s (Liz Warren) bully pulpits.

 It is no small thing that the average age in congress is now 50 years of age instead of 62. And, it is no small thing that Congress is now to be filled with a “DIVERSITY “of women and minority Republicans: (Iowa’s Senator-elect Joni Ernst, Utah’s Mia LoveWest Virginia’s Senator-elect Shelley Moore Capito, South Carolina’s first black American Senator-elect Tim Scott; the first Indian-American Nikki Haley reelected as South Carolina’s governor). They have been elected to speak for the people.

 A gentle reminder:  It is in “God We Trust” and not the Republican Party, the majority or vox populi vox dei.

The 2014 vote was vote for a return of our humanity and, knowingly or not, for a God who endowed each of us-not collectivism’s bureaucracy-with natural rights and their guardian angel responsibilities

 The previous majority party, the “hear no evil, see no evil” party stomped their feet and endlessly spoke evil of the generous job-creating KOCH brothers. That majority didn’t listen to the people or to God. We have paid an enormous price for their childish obstinacy.


2014: Hope has found its needed change – a sea change that should lift all boats.


Added 11-10-2014-Here is what Progressives think about you the voter:

VIDEO: “Stupid voters” would have killed Obamacare

It’s Not Easy Being Green Without CO2


Kermit sang it:


It’s not that easy being green

Having to spend each day the color of the leaves

But green’s the color of Spring

And green can be cool and friendly-like

And green can be big like an ocean, or important

Like a mountain, or tall like a tree…


“It’s not that easy being green” -especially without CO2.


“Nothing would be green around the world without CO2,” Rep Sensenbrenner, “CO2 is not a pollutant.”

 The two videos presented below are presentations given at the pre-2012 presidential election 7th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC7). The conference theme: “Real Science, Real Choices.”

 In the first video, Chris Horner (he is introduced in the video), lets it be known that “doing-the-right-thing” scarcity fear mongering is the only man-made element in the global warming issue. Also, that the EPA’s Lisa Jackson’s job destruction to create clean-up jobs – breaking things to fix things- is not all that it is cracked up to be. The net gain is equal to your brain on carbon monoxide.


 I truly appreciate U.S. Rep., WI 5th Congressional District, Jim Sensenbrenner’s candor and thorough knowledge of the politically discharged climate change propaganda that is polluting the airwaves of truth.


 If you are still a devotee of the global warming sect after listening to these videos then I have a catalytic converter to sell you. It is adjustable to fit your nose and comes with duct tape for your mouth to prevent ad hominem leakage-you know, cap and trade kinda stuff.

Mission Probable: Self-made Victims

 “Should you decide to accept this mission to self-victimize the IMF (Inane Meme Force) will disavow any knowledge of your subsequent misbehavior if caught in the act.”

 Consider the following IMF missions of self-made victimization:

 Social media participants as victims: every moment of one’s-no depth of field life must become selfie-important.

 We may knowingly expose ourselves à la NY Rep. Anthony Weiner or as Jennifer I’ve-got-a-million-of-them Lawrence and exclaim “others have been messing with my ‘stuff.’

 After the damage is done to reputations it necessarily follows, in this day of dispositive scapegoating, that we then must present ourselves as victims even when we are victims of our own devices. Who would ever look at Jennifer Lawrence’s collection of nude pictures? I mean, the world is so….out there.

 Victims of circumstance or of circus stance on the high wire of notoriety?

 Illegal immigrants as victims: here we see bus loads of victims moving in. Yet, we must remember that these victims are the renewable energy source for Progressive votes. And this, despite the fact that any lack of border control, any lax enforcement by the Obama administration, any amnesty that adds more illegal immigrants to our country equals with other detriments more CO2, more crime, more narcotics, more narco-terrorists, more infectious disease, more gang members, more homeland terrorism and a huge drain on our national resources. But damn it, “victims” they must be for our purposes. We are America, the land of the free from taxation for half the nation and the home of the Black Panther monitored ballot box.

 Environment as victim and victimizer: Well, by now you should have come to your senses and have realized that global warming crisis is man-made. It has been manufactured by the likes of Al Gore and climate scientologists with dubious reports. These ‘scientologists’ or data shufflers dare not cross the red line of truth and lose their collegial credit card status points, their weather stations for life.

 Not only is the environment a victim but just like a Russian nesting doll you, too, can become a victim-of the environment. And, universal victim hood makes each of us eligible to be “insured” under the UN One World global warming whole life redistribution insurance plan. Benefits accrue to those who want to become wealthy off of other’s fears.

 Voter as victim: From the well-known Legal Insurrection blog, a post of Oct. 10th, 2014: “Judge tosses out Texas voter ID as U.S. Supreme Court blocks Wisconsin voter ID The ruling by the U.S. District court finds that such law…creates an unconstitutional burden on the right to vote, has an impermissible discriminatory effect against Hispanics and African-Americans.”

 This ruling by both courts is slap in the face for blacks and Hispanics. It essentially claims that blacks and Hispanics and too stupid, too inept to get an ID and to provide such ID at a polling place. To put it another way, there are millions of people who can secure a proper ID and present it at the time of voting. I am sure that Dr. Ben Carson, a self-made African-American neurosurgeon, can provide a proper ID. He would also help you figure out what to do.

Ask yourself: How do blacks and Hispanics acquire cable TV when they do not have ID?

 Note: The Texas ruling was recently reversed for the Texas Nov. elections but the matter is still in the courts

 Politically biased, blindfold taken off high courts have affirmed blacks and Hispanics as victims-a protected class of victims-so as to garner the un-ID’d ‘victim’s’ weight in votes-for the Progressive side of the scale, of course. Preferential treatment by the courts makes the rest of us truly victims of injustice. Preferential treatment by Progressive bureaucratic Lois Lerner types within our current heavily politicized government negates Democracy in favor of totalitarianism. The Tea Party non-profit groups became true victims of injustice with the administration’s silent approbation.

 The poor as victims: Here is what we are told by the supercilious politicians and Keynesian economists (NYT’s Paul Krugam, Thomas Piketty, et al) : “There are poor people because there are rich people. The global wealth pie is a one fixed-size feeds all pie.  The rich have the larger share. Redistribution is the only answer-it is socially just.”

 It doesn’t matter to the above mentioned wisdom impoverished that the rich have made personal choices that create wealth or that the poor have most often made personal choices which have made them poor and keep them poor. And, somehow, the poor find a way (trading food stamps for cash or bit coins online, for instance) to buy lottery tickets, to gamble in Vegas and to buy enormous HDTVs so they can watch “The Real Housewives of Orange County!”

Our government enables the self-victimization of the poor. Obama and slave master Progressives have created cradle to grave dependency on government.  The “Julia” website is a first hand account about a lifeless victim of gargantuan government gone wild.

 Fiscal and monetary policies-The New Deal, The Great Society, the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), TARP, the FED’s tinkering to create artificially low interest rates, ETC.- direct money away from savings and investment, capital that would ultimately create jobs and individual wealth. 

Each one of these government ‘fixits’ creates bubbles that ultimately burst.  There should be a History Channel just for this.  First came the dot com bubble and then the housing bubble. And, most home buyers are now government subsidized. Uh-oh!

Printing money creates ever more debt and puffs up the economy with lighter than air dollars. 

Our government is creating an even greater balloon (Let’s call it the “Keynesian Economic Balloon”) that will soon go bust “Big Time”, as Peter Gabriel sang. Then your dollars will be almost worthless.  The IMF endorses such politically ‘safe’ and economically disastrous inane activity. Just don’t get caught holding USD.

That 47 MILLION people are on food stamps tells me that government enables poverty in our nation.  And there are even ‘victims’ who complain that 99 weeks of unemployment benefits isn’t enough! Use your head and your ID and vote for people with integrity, character and business sense, avoiding lethargic professorial panty waists unless, of course, you should choose the mission of self-made victimization.

 Addicts as victims: Consider this recent “addiction help” advertisement heard on the radio: “Addiction is a disease, not a character flaw.”

 Whoa! Calling an addiction a disease takes the onus off of the addicted, removing them from the light of day and placing them under the dark cloud of victim hood where the sun doesn’t shine on your addled behavior.

 And, it most certainly as advertised, places the addicted under the expensive ‘guidance’ of medical professionals who will’ ‘altruistically’ be your savior. “Victim status is where you belong, why try to fight it. Give us the money that you are now giving to pay for your addiction. Character flaws mean personal responsibility and they may not result in insurance payments to our treatment facility.”

 Homosexuals as victims: Where to begin? When acting out homosexual desires you are told that you are not responsible for your behavior. Rather, what you are dealing with is a quirk, a queerness that exists in the universe. Homosexuals do not even try to overcome your desires and use self control. You will become sexual minority stressed. God knows that you have enough to worry about when you do unnatural things to your self and to others. AIDS is our problem, not yours. You are sexual minority stressed transmitters and no more.

The Politically Correct as victims: it is not easy being totalitarian all the time but the Politically Correct, the language police, must enforce ‘safe’ societal boundaries or bubbles where nothing offensive to their delicate yet ‘diverse’ palettes enters the void. Truly they are victims of their own demands.

 One more IMF mission out of dozens of putative instances:

 Civil Rights victims: The omniscient and all powerful Oz, Eric Holder, and his Race Swami-Tsunami spiritual advisor the ‘reverend’ Al Sharpton have made sure by their appearances that the citizens of Ferguson, MO-the black citizens-received their fair share of victim status. They both spread their special mixture of racial rat poison and silent approbation, disguised as legal fertilizer, on the community lawns of Ferguson, Mo.

 Weeds of lawlessness now spring up daily in Ferguson, Mo. The encroaching and choking weeds are growing in place of flourishing businesses and a thriving community.


“Should you decide to accept this mission of self-aggrandizing self-victimization the IMF (Inane Meme Force) will disavow any knowledge of your subsequent misbehavior (unless, of course, it benefits Progressive’s talking points).”


In this age of self made victims it is impossible to balance the empathy budget. The stockpile of care is all out of love. Your self-immolation will have to go down in flames without me. In any case your actions will be disavowed by me.


 There are people in this world who are hurting. And, “Shame on you” is not a strong enough indictment for those who claim victim status when they do “stupid stuff.”

 Pastor Saeed Abedini, Irani, returned to Iran to help Iranian children. He was arrested and placed in prison. He has been in an Irani prison over two years. He is in prison for being a Christian, a Christian seeking to help orphaned Irani children. Pastor Abedini doesn’t play the part of victim. The God of Israel watches over him.

Man-Made Panic: Climate Change & Anti-Industrialism

Fear of industry is major catalyst of Climate Change panic. The panic and NOT global warming is man-made:

Climate Apocalyptic-ism & The WannaBe Oppressed, The Cult – Part 2

For more information on this “cult” read my post:

Climate Apocalyptic-ism & The WannaBe Oppressed

Climate Apocalyptic-ism & The WannaBe Oppressed


Having made it through the sixties I understand youth’s hot-blooded fervor over and desire for revolution.  My own adrenalin was pushing me in all directions looking for answers and for my own special scene on the reel of history.

  The Beatles gave us their theme song for those times:  “Revolution”  “well you know we all want to change the world.” Today’s youth are no different.  The adrenalin is still pumping wildly; the hot-button issues are different.

The sixties, basically a large party staged around the Vietnam War and the Cold War with its escalating nuclear armament, gave us the apocalyptic warning that the “Eve of Destruction” was upon us. The sixties also gave us zeitgeist as the narcissistic moral, intellectual and spiritual center of our universe.

 As political philosopher Allan Bloom writes in “The Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Today’s Students (1987) when discussing certain professors at Cornell University (circa 1969) who gave up their intellectual credibility,

“The American university in the sixties was experiencing the same dismantling of the structure of rational inquiry as had the German university in the thirties.  No longer believing in their higher vocation, both gave way to a highly ideologized student populace.  And the content of the ideology was the same ~ value commitment. The university had abandoned all claim to study or inform about value ~ undermining the sense of value of what it taught, while turning over the decision about values to the folk, the Zeigist, the relevant.  Whether it be Nuremberg or Woodstock, the principle is the same.” (emphasis mine)

Today’s Millennials are no less radical in spirit but are clearly misguided due to the denouement of rational thought and critical inquiry. The sixties zeitgeist has fast-forwarded on history’s reel to the present. You’ll see it particularly in the theaters of politics and religion.

Here is just one example of what I am talking about.  This article may or may not shock you:

From the opening of StanleyKurtz’s article, The WannaBe Oppressed, The National Review Online, October 16th, 2013:

 What do America’s college students want? They want to be oppressed. More precisely, a surprising number of students at America’s finest colleges and universities wish to appear as victims ~ to themselves, as well as to others ~ without the discomfort of actually experiencing victimization. Here is where global warming comes in. The secret appeal of campus climate activism lies in its ability to turn otherwise happy, healthy, and prosperous young people into an oppressed class, at least in their own imaginings. Climate activists say to the world, “I’ll save you.” Yet deep down they’re thinking, “Oppress me.”

In his important new book, The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse: Save the Earth, Punish Human Beings, French intellectual gadfly Pascal Bruckner does the most thorough job yet of explaining the climate movement as a secular religion, an odd combination of deformed Christianity and reconstructed Marxism. (You can find Bruckner’s excellent article based on the book here.) Bruckner describes a historical process wherein “the long list of emblematic victims ~ Jews, blacks, slaves, proletarians, colonized peoples ~ was replaced, little by little, with the Planet.” The planet, says Bruckner, “has become the new proletariat that must be saved from exploitation.”

But why? Bruckner finds it odd that a “mood of catastrophe” should prevail in the West, the most well-off part of the world. The reason, I think, is that the only way to turn the prosperous into victims is to threaten the very existence of a world they otherwise command.

And why should the privileged wish to become victims? To alleviate guilt and to appropriate the victim’s superior prestige. In the neo-Marxist dispensation now regnant on our college campuses, after all, the advantaged are ignorant and guilty while the oppressed are innocent and wise. The initial solution to this problem was for the privileged to identify with “struggling groups” by wearing, say, a Palestinian keffiyeh. Yet better than merely empathizing with the oppressed is to be oppressed. This is the climate movement’s signal innovation.

Read the whole doggone article.  You’ll read things like white male Bill McKibben almost single-handedly turned global warming into a public issue in 1989, his problem was solved.  Now everyone could be a victim. And, Climate activism answers their existential challenges and gives them a sense of crusading purpose in a lonely secular world. The planet, as Bruckner would have it, is the new proletariat.” (emphasis mine)

   The cult or religion of global warming has it devotees circling the UN in hopes of coercing the world to pay up for carbon credits and, more importantly, to make themselves pseudo-martyrs for this now victims-everywhere cause.

 I’ll close this post with these thoughts from David Mamet’s book, The Secret Knowledge: On Dismantling of American Culture (2011). In discussing religion’s focus on the unknowable as applied to political and social issues, Mamet writes, 

Observe that to propitiate an unknowable power, the Left, ignorant or dismissive of any society or history but is own, insists upon the primacy of Trees and Soil, Oceans and Animals ~ theirs is a return to the worship of the Savage.  To see that this nature worship is not quite the good simple-heartedness they believe it is, but rather a religion, observe its imperviousness to information:  polar bears are not, in fact, decreasing but increasing in population; the earth is not, in fact, warming.


It is interesting to note the points made above cinematically, in the two films The Day the Earth Stood Still. More specifically, the 2008 version underscores the thrust of Kurtz’s article:  “The planet, says Bruckner, “has become the new proletariat that must be saved from exploitation.””

You have undoubtedly seen one or both versions of the following movies.  You know the characters so I will go forward.


In the 1951 version of The Day the Earth Stood Still Klaatu’s message centers on a very real and immediate concern ~ The Cold War and nuclear armament:  “…government agents escort Klaatu to see Barnhardt. Klaatu introduces himself and warns the professor that the people of the other planets have become concerned for their own safety after human beings developed atomic power. Klaatu declares that, if his message goes unheeded, “planet Earth will be eliminated“. (From Wikipedia)

2008-The_Day_the_Earth_Stood_StillThe 2008 version of The Day the Earth Stood Still centers around the desire for earth to remain sustainable:  “Klaatu meets with Mr. Wu (James Hong), another alien who has lived on earth for 70 years. Mr. Wu tells Klaatu that he has found the human race to be destructive and unwilling to change.  This confirms Klaatu’s experience so far, and so he determines that the planet must be cleansed of humans to ensure that the planet—with its rare ability to sustain complex life—can survive.” (From Wikipedia)

  “Global Warming is in fact a brain-child to counter the Environmental Movement against pollution, more particularly agriculture pollution, initiated in late 60s and early 70s.” Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

~Harold Lewis is Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of California: “Hal Lewis:  My Resignation from the American Physical Society”

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